Professionals Australia union says Geoscience Australia wants to slash personal leave

Reduction of personal leave, restrictions on how to use leave entitlements and access to higher duties, and changes to allowances are all on the agenda for enterprise bargaining agreements at Geoscience Australia, according to union officials.

The engineers union Professionals Australia said Geoscience Australia wanted to slash travel entitlements after it already revealed there would be a battle over working an extra 9 minutes a day, along with staff at other Commonwealth employers.

Professionals Australia said Geoscience Australia had also proposed changes to the redundancy retention period for employees.

The proposed reduction would affect people older than 45 who have not done 20 years service who have been made involuntarily redundant.

Professionals Australia ACT director David Smith said at the moment a staff member made involuntary redundant would have about 13 months before they would be forced to leave the organisation - a vital time when they could attempt to find another job.

Mr Smith said Geoscience's proposal would effectively reduce this by 6 months. 


A Geoscience Australia spokesperson said bargaining within the APS-wide bargaining framework had started, but no formal offers had been made to staff.

In a message to staff, Professionals Australia said there was a chasm between the parties in the negotiations and that was before any negotiation on remuneration.

In its tough bargaining framework released earlier this year, the federal government said there would be no pay rises for 160,000 federal public servants in the next three years, unless their departments or agencies could prove wage increases were linked to productivity gains.

Minister assisting Prime Minister Tony Abbott on the public service, Eric Abetz, put forward a framework earlier this year which included banning back-pay and sign-on bonuses.

Geoscience Australia recently commenced bargaining within the APS-wide bargaining framework. As negotiations are still continuing, with no formal offers having yet been made to staff, Geoscience Australia is unable to provide comment on this matter.


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