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Child's dragon dream comes true

CSIRO in Melbourne has created Sophie Lester her very own titanium dragon after she requested one in a letter.

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After a long flight across the country, a dragon has landed in Queensland to make a little girl's dreams come true.

Sophie Lester, 7, made headlines around the world earlier this month when she wrote a letter asking CSIRO to make her a dragon.

"Would it be possible if you could make a dragon for me.[sic] I would like it if you could but if you can't thats [sic] fine," she wrote.

The dragon CSIRO built for Sophie Lester.

The dragon CSIRO built for Sophie Lester. Photo: Supplied by CSIRO

CSIRO soon responded, promising to look into the matter. They have now fulfilled their promise, and manufactured a dragon for Sophie with a state-of-the-art 3D printer in Lab 22 in Melbourne.

The dragon was hand-delivered on Thursday by two CSIRO staff members. Sophie has named it Toothless, after a character in the Dreamworks movieHow To Train Your Dragon.

"She was just amazed when they brought it out and it was so light and beautiful," said Sophie's mother Melissah Lester.

Sophie Lester with her dragon.

Sophie Lester with her dragon. Photo: Supplied

"They explained what titanium was and how they'd made it, and she gave them a huge hug and said thankyou."

Since then, Sophie and Toothless have been virtually inseparable.

"We've had a lot of flying time since yesterday," said Ms Lester.

"She's been out in the garden with it, taking it for scooter rides down the driveway, and they've both just gone off for a sleepover at Grandma's house together."

"She really wanted to take Toothless shopping for school shoes, but I thought we should draw the line somewhere."

Sophie has set up a tent for Toothless in the family's lounge room, complete with blankets, a teddy bear, and a water bowl.

Ms Lester says that the last few weeks have fired a real passion for science in her daughter.

"She's always been interested in dragons and dinosaurs and fossils, but this has just taken it to a whole new level," Ms Lester said.

"She just thinks scientists are completely amazing and can do absolutely anything."

Sophie and Toothless will go off to school together in a few weeks' time, where Ms Lester expects that Sophie will push her teacher to tell her more about everything scientific.

"This is exactly the sort of thing we should be doing to get kids excited about science and the world around them."