Tertiary Education

Creative edge

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment has an incubator program for graduates.

Creative students with deep digital tool kits may soon be in demand with employers.

The degrees not worth enrolling in

Nearly half of international students enrolled in NSW universities are studying management and commerce courses.

​Community, industry and tertiary education sector must ensure students make informed decisions in course choice.

Spend the day in a studio

In the studio at the Australia Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS).

Artists, musos, actors and performers aiming to build a creative future should get along to these campus open days.

Suburban students pack their bags for uni colleges

Immersed: Josh Mason lives at the University of Melbourne's Ormond College where he has benefited from tutoring, ...

Long commute times, a rental crisis that means an absence of cheap shared housing, and a desire to enjoy university life are combining to prompt more city students to move into on-campus accommodation.

Young people saddled by a higher degree of debt

Graduating to adult life cloaked in debt is the reality for many young Australians.

Post-graduate courses are now almost standard for young Australian students but the debt burden, added to their undergraduate course debt, may saddle them with total debts well above $100,000.