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Home not so sweet for Collette

Toni Collette and husband Dave Galafassi's wranglings over a Paddington terrace look set to grind on. The couple are to appeal a court's order that they pay damages for backing out of the purchase agreement.

Musician Galafassi has lodged an appeal against Susan Kelly, fashion mogul and owner of the Stewart Street home. He and his actor wife were ordered on May 31 to pay more than $800,000 in damages to Susan and Nick Kelly, the couple behind the Industrie clothing label, for failing to buy the home. Galafassi and Collette had agreed to buy it for $6.35 million in September 2011, but reneged on the deal after their Bronte Road home failed to sell as expected.

The Kellys went on to sell their home for $5.5 million and sought to recover the difference and costs through the Supreme Court.

The Muriel's Wedding star and her partner sent the Kellys an email apologising for not buying their ''beautiful'' house after their lawyer passed on the news that they would be breaking the contract. They then implored the Kellys to settle the matter privately after legal action was launched.

The grounds of appeal, which was lodged on June 25, will not be made public until a full hearing of the case. A directions mention is listed on August 21.

The actor was last week spotted in New York, where she is to film American TV drama, Hostages. She is reported to be living in New York City until the end of the year with Galafassi and their two children, Sage and Arlo. The CBS series is due to hit the small screen in September. The role, alongside The Practice's Dylan McDermott, is set to be Collette's biggest US TV gig yet.


In demand, now Rebel wanted without a cause

After a string of hit movies and rave reviews for hosting this year's MTV Movie Awards, actress Rebel Wilson knew she was in demand, but she didn't know she was wanted, writes Giles Hardie.

Based in Los Angeles, Wilson was surprised recently to receive a text message from Packed to the Rafters star Hugh Sheridan saying the police were looking for her.

''He texted me saying where are you, are you back in Australia? The Bondi police are looking for you, you've apparently been drunk and doing these crimes,'' the Bridesmaids star told 2Day FM's Kyle & Jackie O Show on Tuesday.

''Apparently this girl in Bondi got totally smashed, and was convincing people that she was me, including the police, and saying that she lived with Hugh Sheridan, because we're both actors and [therefore] would be friends.

''She must be a bit fat,'' Wilson added, happy to make a joke at her own expense to have a dig at her impersonator, and, by implication, the constabulary. ''I'm quite distinctive, if anyone googled me. But the police didn't. The police went straight to calling Hugh Sheridan at 2.30 in the morning Australian time, trying to hunt me down.''

Sheridan was a little more circumspect. ''Hugh thought it was a prank, so he called back the number and it was the Bondi police station.'' Only then was Sheridan convinced the police were genuinely seeking Rebel, without a cause.

Pie shop owner makes Abbott's day

As Labor's signed-and-sealed grin from ear to ear at Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's monster of a leadership reform lifeline, another moment of Cheshire cat action. Tony Abbott looked like the cat who got the cream as unlikely carbon tax denouncer Sean Garlick vented his spleen, the LOTO beaming behind the pie shop owner on TV on Tuesday. Not that business appears to be too slow for the pie man. According to his website, he is ''in the process of fitting out a brand new 1350 square metre facility'' and has enjoyed exposure through The Footy Show via a ''Celebrity Pie Eating Contest''. It was the calm before the storm, however, as Abbott then went on to implore tenacious journo for The Guardian Bridie Jabour to ''calm down'' after being questioned over expense claims. Pot, kettle, black springs to mind - or perhaps the image of a swan, serene above, paddling furiously below. If the Coalition leader thought the comment may have fallen on deaf ears, he was sorely mistaken. #calmdownbridie was trending nationally on Twitter within minutes.

Youthful words of wisdom

Seventeen-year-old media trailblazer Tavi Gevinson is on her way to the Sydney Opera House.

Gevinson, who lives in Chicago, gave fashion media a jolt in the arm, when, at the age of 11, her smart fashion blog, Style Rookie, became a worldwide hit, reports Philippa Hawker. Within months, the pint-sized critic was given front-row invitations to fashion shows in Paris and New York and was named the ''future of journalism'' by Lady Gaga.

In September 2011 she launched Rookie, an online magazine for, about and by teenage girls and young women, which is an eclectic, intelligent, practical and heartfelt publication that embraces feminism and popular culture, takes its readers seriously and knows how to be light-hearted. Its contributors also include the likes of Mad Men's Jon Hamm and Radiohead's Thom Yorke.

At the age of 15, Gevinson was on Forbes' ''30 Under 30'' list of rising stars in the media. But she's not a conventional entrepreneur; in her first editorial, Gevinson described Rookie as ''a place to make the best of the beautiful pain and cringe-worthy awkwardness of being an adolescent girl.''

Gevinson would like to think that Rookie could be a model for different ways of doing things. She said that when she was writing her fashion blog - and, among other things, being paid to fill front-row seats at top fashion shows - ''a lot of people were angry that I was offered certain access without having ever 'paid dues' at something like a crappy internship. Usually it was suggested that you don't get to do what you love until you've done what you hate.''

She will be in conversation at the Concert Hall on August 18.



He's a regular at Hollywood awards shows, has starred on Jimmy Kimmel Live and has the honour of (probably) seeing Sofia Vergara's bottom in the flesh, after his co-star's dress ripped during overzealous Emmys partying. Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet dined at Neil Perry's Rockpool Bar and Grill for lunch on Monday, adding a smidgen of LA zhuzh to the business suits and wagyu-burger eaters.

Lions whale in

Stories of Saturday night's post-Lions win trickle in, with the Ivy's rooftop pool bar being put through its paces by the exuberant British rugby players. Dressed or undressed, most players ended up in Justin Hemmes' pool before partying through the night at the InterContinental. The team ended up at Bondi beach's Bucket List bar on Sunday, where it was out-celebritied by a southern right whale.

Clooney on market

George Clooney is restored to most-eligible-bachelor status again as reports reach The Diary his 33-year-old girlfriend Stacy Keibler , has left the actor. A faceless mate of the couple is said to have told People magazine Keibler wanted children but ''knows where George stands on that''.