Woolworths pulls chocolate eclairs from shelves

Woolworths has pulled packets of chocolate eclairs from its supermarket shelves after a customer told them they were not labelled properly and could harm people with allergies.

A Woolworths spokesman admitted the 300 gram packets of the homebrand choc eclairs on sale from July 2011 did not contain any warnings despite potentially containing peanuts or gluten.

''We were notified about the issue by a customer, however that customer did not have a significant adverse reaction to the product,'' the spokesman said.

The supermarket giant has issued a nationwide recall of the confectionary and is warning anyone with an allergy to peanuts or gluten to steer clear of it.

''Consumers who are not allergic to peanuts or gluten may safely consume this product,'' the spokesman said.

Acting ACT Chief Health Officer Andrew Pengilley sent out his own plea to Canberrans yesterday to bring further attention to the recall. ''Anyone with a peanut or gluten allergy who may have become ill after eating this product should seek medical advice,'' he said.