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Network Ten's financial worries steal the show

Ten's chief executive Paul Anderson has to find a new $250 million loan by December to keep the network afloat.

Network Ten could be broken up and sold off for the benefit of its bank and three billionaire shareholders by the end of the year if a transformation project fails to improve its fortunes.

Euro goes from dicey to darling

Goldman Sachs and UBS Group both expect the shared currency to extend its advance toward $US1.13.

Perceived as the riskiest currency on the planet until Sunday's French election, the euro is suddenly everyone's favourite.

Billionaires might end up with Ten by Christmas

Channel Ten's saviours? Lachlan Murdoch, Bruce Gordon and James Packer.

Billionaires Lachlan Murdoch, James Packer and Bruce Gordon might end up with complete control of the Ten Network by Christmas if Malcolm Turnbull does not slash TV licence fees in the upcoming Budget.

Cop's suspicion of Lloyd Rayney grew daily

A detective leading the Lloyd Rasyne murder investigation says what lead him to target Lloyd Rayney as a suspect.

A senior detective has told Lloyd Rayney's defamation trial his suspicion of the barrister evolved daily from when his wife disappeared to the day he was named the prime and only suspect in her murder.