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Abseiler convicted of bridge charges but avoids jail

A man who brought traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge to a standstill last year when he abseiled off the top has been convicted of two offences but avoided a third conviction that could have led to a jail term.

Traffic was delayed for hours on May 13 last year when Michael Fox scaled the bridge and unfurled two banners in what he said was a protest against Australia's Family Court system.

Fox abseiled down from the bridge at 7am and was immediately apprehended by police.

He was charged with obstructing traffic, climbing the bridge without lawful reason and risking public safety. He pleaded not guilty to the offences in June.

However, in the Downing Centre Local Court this afternoon Fox was convicted of climbing the bridge without a lawful reason and obstructing traffic. He was fined a total of $3700.

But he was not convicted on the charge of risking public safety, which could have led to a three-month jail term.

The magistrate told Fox: "You didn't just climb any bridge, you climbed the most recognised bridge in Australia."

Speaking outside court, Fox said the decision was "a victory" because the case had brought the problems with the Family Court to the public's attention.

"This fight's just starting," he said.