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Aida made up Liverpool abduction story, police say

A Sydney woman who claimed she had narrowly escaped being abducted by a carload of men while the public watched has been charged after she allegedly made up the story.

The woman, who identified herself only as Aida, stood with police last week and told of her terror when she was grabbed by a man near Liverpool train station on the afternoon of January 13.

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Aida recounts how a group of men tried to abduct her on a busy street in Liverpool.

She also spoke of her disappointment that none of the "dozens" of people who had been near her at the time had come to her assistance.

"Of course I understand that you want to be safe yourself but there were people in groups," she said. "This is what upset me; they weren't alone."

However, on Wednesday, police said they had charged the 29-year-old from Rockdale with making a false representation resulting in a police investigation.

"Police have charged a woman after she claimed to be the victim of a fictitious attempted abduction in Sydney's south-west last week," a police statement said.


As well as giving police, and the public, an account of her alleged ordeal, Aida also gave a description of a man who she said grabbed her and tried to pull her into the car.

Police released an image of that man during the press conference with the woman.

When contacted on Wednesday Aida denied she had done anything wrong.

Asked if she stood by her claims, she said "I don't want anything in the media for the moment".

Aida claimed she had been standing on Railway Street, near the intersection with Bigge Street, when four men in a red hatchback pulled up beside her.

One man got out of the front passenger seat and told her to get into the car, she said at the appeal for help.

When she refused, he grabbed her by the arm and tried to force her into the vehicle, she said.

"He asked me to get in the car, and I said: 'No.'

"I said it with so much attitude, it was definitely a big no.

"He didn't like that answer so he grabbed my wrist with a lot of force.

"That's when I caused a lot of commotion, shouting, screaming and calling for help."

Her screams were enough to "freak out" the man, who then let go and got back in the car, which drove off, she said.

Despite the commotion, she said none of the dozens of bystanders came to help her.

"Of course I understand that you want to be safe yourself but there were people in groups," she said. "This is what upset me; they weren't alone."

Police said at that time, while Aida was chosen randomly, the attack may have been planned.

On Wednesday, police said she had been issued with a future court attendance notice and will appear in Liverpool Local Court on March 5.