Anna Patty

Anna Patty

Anna Patty is Workplace Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald. She is a former State Political Reporter and Education Editor.
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Wife of underworld figure George Alex knew nothing of alleged payments to union

Anna Patty The wife of Sydney underworld figure George Alex has claimed no knowledge of an alleged payment to a union official that she received from her husband's phone.

Trade union royal commission: George Alex clashes with barrister

George Alex (left) arrives at the royal commission into unions.

Anna Patty Sydney underworld figure George Alex clashed with a barrister and accused colourful business identity "Big Jim" Byrnes of murdering his former business partner, during cross-examination at the royal...

Sixteen staff lost in NSW budget cuts to Botanic Gardens funding


Anna Patty Sydney's Botanic Gardens and Domain will be under more pressure to raise money through commercial activity following deeper cuts in the state budget.

NSW budget surplus comes at the cost of child protection jobs, says opposition

Anna Patty A budget surplus has been delivered at the expense of job cuts in state government agencies including those that deliver child protection services, the Opposition has warned.

George Alex: Terrorists Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar did boxing training at my home, royal commission told

George Alex: 'I'm just here on my own, one person with the truth'.

Anna Patty Home-grown terrorists Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar trained for boxing at the home of Sydney underworld figure George Alex two to three days a week, the royal commission into trade union...

SCG, Olympic sites among beneficiaries in $175m spend on sport, tourism

SCG slated for improvements in NSW 2015-16 budget

Anna Patty Sport and tourism will each get a boost of around $175 million for new events and facilities in western Sydney, the city and regional areas.

CFMEU official says he was 'set up' and took his life into his hands

Brian Parker's text buddy, George Alex, who referred to the union official by his nickname

Anna Patty A construction union official claims he has been "set up" to make it look like he or his union received a weekly kickback of $2500 from companies linked to Sydney underworld figure George Alex.

CFMEU fined $545,000 and warned it risks de-registration

The CFMEU, which has been fined over coercion at a Hawthorn building site.

Anna Patty The national construction union has been fined more than half a million dollars and warned that it risks de-registration after it threatened and tried to intimidate a company...

Royal commission into unions tries to flush out what goes on under toilet sink

Anna Patty The toilet area in underworld figure George Alex's home appears to have been a pick-up point for documents and payments, the royal commission into trade unions has heard.

Former CFMEU boss Brian Parker admits finding it hard to control his anger

Anna Patty His tendency to fly into a heat of rage partly explained union boss Brian Parker's decision to step aside from his leadership role.

CFMEU boss Brian Parker denies involvement in leak

Anna Patty CFMEU boss Brian Parker has denied he warned a senior manager of a superannuation fund against revealing his involvement in the leak of confidential information about its members.

George Alex's sister and wife to appear before the royal commission

Anna Patty The sister and wife of Sydney crime figure George Alex will be called before the royal commission into trade union corruption next week.

Royal commission into trade union corruption: Brian Parker vows to return as NSW CFMEU boss

Anna Patty Brian Parker is confident he will return as head of the NSW branch of the CFMEU after the royal commission into trade union corruption has concluded its hearings.

NSW construction union boss Brian Parker resigns amid 'gross misconduct' claims

Anna Patty The royal commission into trade union corruption appears to have claimed its first scalp with the resignation of NSW construction union boss, Brian Parker on Tuesday.

Joe Hockey 'out of touch' with most Australians, say workers

Childcare worker Amy Bell.

Anna Patty Joe Hockey's challenge to house-hunters to find higher paying jobs has insulted nurses, teachers and child care workers.

Workers underpaid by $360,000: Sydney childcare staff could not pay rent

Mark Edward Myles underpaid his staff more than $360,000.

Anna Patty A western Sydney childcare operator has been fined for underpaying his staff more than $360,000 which left some of them struggling to pay their rent and utility bills.

WorkCover: Changes to workers compensation scheme 'too complex and confusing'

A WorkCover discussion paper has identified problems including conflicting definitions of an injury and unclear explanations of return to work obligations on employers.

Anna Patty Changes to the NSW workers compensation scheme are so complex they are confusing the insurers, employers, injured workers, lawyers and even the WorkCover regulator.

Workplaces of the future: the key is better management of invisible workers

Research shows people who work from home tend to work longer hours and work in weekends.

Anna Patty If you work from home, you're akin to being invisible - and your boss may not be sure how to manage you.

Keep workers with the four steps to happiness

Henry Stewart,  chief executive Happy Ltd, says most companies concentrate on the bottom line,

Anna Patty  Keeping workers happy is the key to business success, says UK consultant Henry Stewart, who reckons it can be done in four steps.

Back injuries the most common and costliest in the workplace

Dan Thomas became a style consultant after injuring his back.

Anna Patty Dan Thomas ran his own window cleaning business until a back injury forced him to reinvent his career.