James Robertson

James Robertson

James Robertson is a Reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

Consultants reap benefit of council amalgamation plans

James Robertson and Leesha McKenny Does merging councils save money? It depends who you ask – not to mention who is doing the asking.

Sydney storm: rain eases but devastation continues as flood waters rise

Witness: A house in North Narrabeen close to collapsing due to the storm.

Nick Ralston, Peter Hannam and James Robertson After 48 hours the cyclonic winds and heavy rain conditions eased on Wednesday afternoon, further revealing the extent of the damage.

Sydney weather: Flood waters rise across Sydney, south west homes evacuated

Chipping Norton resident Nathan Arnold

Melanie Kembrey and James Robertson Hundreds of homes were evacuated as the Georges River broke its banks on Wednesday night, after a day of heavy rainfall that caused flooding across the breadth of the city.

Sydney weather: Rains ease but commuters face difficult journey home on Wednesday

Bardwell Park train station flooded.

James Robertson Despite the easing of rain on Wednesday afternoon, commuters are facing a difficult journey home as large parts of the road and rail network remain disrupted by flooding and debris.

Sydney transport chaos as storm hits

Motorists drive through the flood at New South Head Road in Rose Bay, Sydney, during the storm.

James Robertson Sydney's transport services were in chaos on Tuesday as storms led to widespread closure and delays across the city's ports, roads and public transport.

Marijuana scheme for terminally ill fails to attract patients

James Robertson Six months since the state government created a scheme allowing the terminally ill to possess marijuana, only a few dozen people have signed up, leading to charges it is dragging its feet on medical...

Pedestrian fatalities and injuries: ad campaign highlights Sydney's trouble spots

A new ad campaign is highlighting the dangers for pedestrians crossing roads around train stations.

James Robertson One city intersection stands out as the most dangerous places for pedestrians in Sydney.

Winged Victory raised again outside Marrickville Town Hall

The Winged Victory statue is hoisted by a crane on to her final resting place in front of the Marrickville Town Hall.

James Robertson Nearly a century since a Winged Victory statue commemorating the suburb’s war dead was first unveiled outside Marrickville Town Hall, a re-imagined version was lowered into the same spot on...

NSW state election 2015: Left retains hold on Labor's top jobs

Still in charge: Luke Foley and Linda Burney after being elected leader and deputy leader in January.

James Robertson Labor’s minority left faction will retain its hold on the party’s leadership positions in the lower house when the party’s caucus convenes on Wednesday.

NSW state election 2015: Three seats still too close to call

James Robertson Three seats in the NSW election remained in close contention as counting continued on Thursday with about 85 per cent of the vote counted.

NSW election 2105: Greens motor to victory on WestConnex opposition

James Robertson The Greens' win in Newtown has been the subject of much post-game analysis. WestConnex appears to have been the decisive issue.

No Land Tax Party's Peter Jones: only a judge on 'meth' would not overturn election

Peter Jones of the No Land Tax Party.

James Robertson The most mysterious figure in state politics has hinted at his backers and offered opinions about judges 'on meth'.

NSW state election 2015: The seats still in doubt

michael sharpe

James Robertson Four seats in the NSW election remained in close contention on Tuesday night with about 83 per cent of the vote counted.

Lucy Haslam: government too slow on medical marijuana

New study:  scientists found that the more cannabis the 40 subjects had used, the greater the abnormalities.

James Robertson Lucy Haslam, the mother of the late medical marijuana campaigner Dan, has criticised the state government for moving too slowly to provide access to the drug to the ill.

NSW election 2015: No Land Tax Party election day staff worried about payment

Election 2015: No Land Tax Party may hold balance.

James Robertson Workers for the No Land Tax party say they are worried about being paid up to $1 million in wages owed to its thousands of election-day staff.

NSW state election: Four seats still too close to call

James Robertson On Monday night, the outcome in four seats in the state election remained close.

NSW election 2015: Greens say rise will continue

James Robertson The Greens have hailed the state election result not just for the four seats it may win but for its second-place showing in several others, where the party believes it is consolidating as voters'...

NSW state election 2015: No Land Tax Party in battle for final upper house seat

Peter Jones of the No Land Tax party.

James Robertson The No Land Tax Party’s attempt to win a seat in the state’s upper house will come down to a last-minute battle with the Liberals and another microparty.

NSW election 2015: 10 things a re-elected Baird government will do in the next year

2015 NSW STATE ELECTION. Mike Baird wins the NSW Election. Mike Baird at the NSW Liberal Party election night event at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth. Saturday 28th March 2015. Photograph by James Brickwood. SMH NEWS 150328

Melanie Kembrey and James Robertson 10 things a re-elected Baird government will do in the next year

Council mergers loom on NSW's horizon

Proposed Council amalgamations

James Robertson The thorny political issue of forced council amalgamations will be one of the first difficult policy decisions facing a re-elected Baird government in its first months.