Jo Casamento

Jo Casamento

Jo Casamento is the Sun-Herald social columnist

John Ibrahim's son Daniel joins the army

Daniel Ibrahim

Jo Casamento Daniel Ibrahim has chosen an entirely different career path to his father.

Jesinta Campbell forgives boyfriend Buddy Franklin for crashing her car

lance and jesinta

Jo Casamento Jesinta Campbell won the Miss Congeniality title at the Miss Universe pageant in 2010 - and her good humour served her well when her AFL star boyfriend crashed her car.

Columnist Kate Waterhouse announces she is pregnant

Kate Waterhouse and husband, Luke Ricketson

Jo Casamento It was a double celebration when racing royal and Sun-Herald columnist Kate Waterhouse announced she was 3½ months' pregnant at her 30th birthday celebration on Saturday night.

Liam Knight: recovered teen's backyard blitz

Jamie Durie and his team

Jo Casamento A boy who was speared through the brain by a steel pole in January has taken part in an emotional surprise to thank his mother for her support.

Insider trading: Roxy Jacenko's book launched as Oliver Curtis' case continues

Roxy Jacenko.

Hannah Low, Jo Casamento It has been a week investment banker Oliver Curtis and his former best pal John Hartman would undoubtedly rather forget.

Conscience clear, says Schwartz heir

Jerry Schwartz

Jo Casamento, Paul Bibby The mysteries surrounding the death of hotels matriarch Eve Schwartz have transfixed Sydney this month.

Sophie starts high school after journey of pain and triumph

shd news extra 060611One year on, Sophie Delezio, wearing her burns suit,  laughs during a physio session at her Seaforth home in Sydney. Sophie Delezio and Molly Wood were seriously injured when a vechile crashed into their day care centre 15th December 2003. Seaforth, Sydney, NSW.Today 7th December, 2004.  SMH.NEWS. Photo by KATE GERAGHTY. SPECIALX 31281

Jo Casamento Walking through the school gates unassisted on her first day of high school was more of a milestone for Sophie Delezio than most.

Kylie, Leo top of party people list


Tim Barlass, Jo Casamento, Kate Waterhouse With the theme for this year's New Year's Eve celebrations being ''embrace'' there was one obvious question to ask Kylie Minogue

Hunter Valley wineries threaten to charge at the cellar door

Bruce Tyrrell.

Jo Casamento, Heath Aston THE Hunter Valley's biggest wineries will be forced to start charging for tastings unless the state government reverses a decision to scrap a tax subsidy that the industry says it relies on to remain...

'Bobby' Adler dies at 79

Jo Casamento With her son Rodney and daughter Roxanne by her bedside, Ethel Adler - known as Bobby - died peacefully in the early hours today at Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick.

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Einfeld seeks atonement

Marcus Enfield former judge at Woolloomooloo. Photo taken on the 2nd of september 2011Photo: Jacky Ghossein

Jo Casamento JAIL caused the former Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld to lose his faith in God, but his experiences have inspired him.