Paul Bibby

Paul Bibby

Paul Bibby is a Court Reporter for The Sydney Morning Herald.

NSW Police faces more wrongful detention claims


Paul Bibby The NSW Police Force is facing a series of civil claims running into the millions from adults who say they have been wrongly detained as a result of errors in the police database.

French businessman David Monlun may have been administered lethal drug overdose, coroner finds

Died of a drug overdose: French businessman David Monlun.

Paul Bibby The events leading up to the wealthy French businessman's death in his luxury harbourside apartment featured a cast of characters that included a "consummate liar" and two violent...

District Court Judge Garry Neilson admits to inquiry incest comments 'unfortunate'

Garry Neilson in 2003.

Paul Bibby The judge who shocked the legal fraternity and broader community by saying incest was no less 'unnatural' than homosexuality has said he was in part 'misinterpreted'.

State-run electricity providers spending millions on private investigators and external lawyers to examine own staff

Paul Bibby The state's publicly owned electricity companies spent nearly $5 million in four years on private investigators and external law firms to investigate their own workers over alleged disciplinary and...

Wrongful detentions: NSW Police to pay $1.85 million in compensation after settling class action

Arrested and strip-searched: Musa Konneh was wrongfully detained for one night.

Paul Bibby The NSW Police force has agreed to pay $1.85 million to scores of young people across the state who have been wrongfully arrested, imprisoned and in some cases strip-searched due to errors in the...

Mentally ill man who killed Luke Robins was well known to mental health services but remained unsupervised

Luke Robins was stabbed to death at a bus shelter by mentally ill man Geoffrey Webber.

Paul Bibby It was 11.36 on a Wednesday night and Luke Robins sat, phone in hand, waiting for the bus to take him from the northern beaches to the city.

Giuseppe Di Cianni loses appeal against conviction for murder of Albert and Mario Frisoli

Giuseppe di Cianni appealed his conviction.

Paul Bibby The family of two brothers who were stabbed to death in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle has welcomed a decision by the state's highest court to reject conviction appeals by the man and woman...

Incest, paedophilia and homosexuality comments: inquiry into Judge Garry Neilson to be headed by colleague

Judge Garry Neilson.

Paul Bibby, Louise Hall The fate of a judge who compared incest and paedophilia to homosexuality is set to be decided by a three-member panel that includes his former District Court colleague.

Keeli Dutton murder: David Robert Francis Murray sentenced to 25 years' jail

Stabbed to death in her home: Keeli Dutton.

Paul Bibby 'Brutal, cowardly and inexcusable, particularly in the home they shared.' A judge has sentenced David Robert Francis Murray to a maximum of 25 years' jail in the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday.

Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara murder trial: Jamie Gao hearing to begin on August 18

New trial date: former detectives Glen McNamara and Roger Rogerson will appear before the NSW Supreme Court on August 18.

Paul Bibby Former detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara will face a new trial over the murder of Sydney student Jamie Gao on August 18, following the discharge of the jury in their first trial.

Glen McNamara's barrister says Roger Rogerson murdered Jamie Gao

Paul Bibby The former NSW detective Glen McNamara has accused his former police colleague Roger Rogerson of murdering Sydney student Jamie Gao "in cold blood" and then threatening to kill him and his family if...

Jury discharged in trial of Roger Rogerson, Glen McNamara for Jamie Gao murder

Jamie Gao, 20, was murdered on May 22, 2014.

Paul Bibby The jury in the trial of Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara over the death of Sydney student Jamie Gao has been discharged for legal reasons.

Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara murder trial: Jamie Gao 'dragged and dropped out to sea'

Body dumped at sea: Student Jamie Gao.

Paul Bibby Jamie Gao allegedly walked into the storage unit at Padstow Rent-A-Space expecting that he was about to become a rich man.

Lin family murder trial: Police offer to help inmate get bail for informing on Robert Xie, court hears

Paul Bibby A prison inmate who informed on the accused Lin family murderer Robert Xie was driven by "the smell of liberty" after police allegedly told him they would help him apply for bail in return for his...

Lin family murders: Witness A allegedly threatened to kill female prison officer, court hears

Accused of murder: Robert Xie.

Paul Bibby The prison inmate who befriended and then informed on the accused Lin family murderer Robert Xie allegedly threatened to kill a female prison guard in the months before Mr...

Lin family murder trial: Robert Xie and inmate allegedly discussed multiple plots to frame others for killings

Accused: Lian Bin

Paul Bibby The accused Lin family murderer Robert Xie and a fellow inmate allegedly discussed multiple plans to frame other people for the killings, including a deceased people smuggler and a random Asian...

Western NSW woman Judith Young who disappeared likely to have died in suspicious circumstances, coroner founds

Judith Young

Paul Bibby A woman who disappeared from the state's west more than 15 years ago told a friend she needed to borrow money urgently because someone was going to kill her, a coroner has heard.

Lin family murder trial: Robert Xie told how he would have secretly bought a hammer

Paul Bibby The accused Lin family murderer Robert Xie allegedly described to a fellow inmate how he would have gone about secretly buying a hammer, a court has heard.

Lin family murder trial: Robert Xie informant concocted cemetery dead bodies story

Accused of murder: Robert Xie.

Paul Bibby A Long Bay prisoner who befriended and then informed on accused Lin family murderer Robert Xie concocted a plot with police in which he pretended to have a friend who had access to dead bodies in an...

Fellow inmate of Robert Xie hatched plot with undercover officer, court hears

Murder accused Lian Bin

Paul Bibby A fellow inmate of Lin family murder accused Robert Xie hatched a plan with police to catch out the alleged killer out, a court has heard.