Stephanie Gardiner

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'Not one tickle of evidence': Lane appeal

Keli Lane

Stephanie Gardiner It has been almost 17 years since newborn Tegan Lane vanished, and two years since her mother, Keli Lane, was jailed for her murder.

Keli Lane should have been afforded 'fairer' trial, appeal told

Stephanie Gardiner The jury in the trial of Keli Lane, convicted of murdering her baby Tegan, should have been allowed to consider the lesser charge of manslaughter, her appeal has been told.

Fears grow as search enters sixth day

Stephanie Gardiner Friends and family of Gary Tweddle have pinned missing persons posters around the Blue Mountains as the bushland search for the young Sydney man enters its sixth day.

'Dead' leg - jockey sues

Stephanie Gardiner, Paul Bibby The mare named Walking Street was facing her first race when she started getting irritated and twitchy.

Man's partner 'asked about will on day after he died'

David Luc Monlun

Stephanie Gardiner After being kidnapped at knifepoint and forced to take drugs, David Monlun sent his attacker a text message: ''Truth will set me free … I want to be like old friends''.

Promise to 'take care' of woman led to sexual assault

Stephanie Gardiner He assured the woman's friends ''I will take care of her'' after a party, only to viciously sexually assault her.

Policeman's killer set for life sentence

David Rixon

Stephanie Gardiner As Senior Constable David Rixon followed a car through residential streets of Tamworth, his dashboard camera recorded what started as an unremarkable and routine police job.

Judge questions security for terrorists' appeal

Stephanie Gardiner Tight security measures for the appeal of five men convicted of plotting a terrorist act have been raised in court, including the possibility of a helicopter hovering over the city centre.

Remorse by Jacobs equal to confession, court hears

 David Rixon

Stephanie Gardiner ''Sorry, sorry, sir, sorry.''

Policeman's shots 'point to his murderer'

Stephanie Gardiner Who shot Senior Constable David Rixon? One of the strongest pieces of evidence to answer that question is the number of shots the Tamworth police officer fired from his own weapon, a NSW Supreme...

Bashed, beaten and left to die

Tanilla Warrick-Deaves

Stephanie Gardiner Locals saw the two-year-old girl being hit, abused and dragged along a street. A neighbour heard sounds of whipping and a child's screams ringing out.

Mother left daughter unconscious for nearly two nights: court


Stephanie Gardiner The last words Donna Deaves heard her two-year-old daughter scream were "no no no".

Police killing: accused man says he didn't fire first shot

 David Rixon

Stephanie Gardiner The man accused of shooting Tamworth police officer David Rixon was heard to tell his girlfriend he didn't fire the first shot, wished he didn't have a gun, and should have just caught a taxi home.

Jail for brothel keeper who enslaved women


Stephanie Gardiner During 17-hour shifts at a brothel, four women were ordered to perform unprotected and demeaning sex acts, put up with rough clients and work through illness and pain.

Milat appeals severity of axe murder sentence

Convicted murderer Matthew Milat being led away after being sentenced for the murder of David Auchterlonie in Sydney.

Stephanie Gardiner Matthew Milat, the great-nephew of serial killer Ivan Milat, will have the appeal against his 43-year jail sentence for the axe murder of a teenager heard in December.

Jail is no bar to threats, drug deals

Bassam Hamzy

Stephanie Gardiner ''I am at war with the officers … they are trying to break me … to starve me … they play mind games with me.''

Skating rink fall: hobbled truckie awarded $150,000

Scales thumbnail

Stephanie Gardiner A truck driver has been awarded nearly $150,000 in damages, having been left with an "old man" walk after falling down stairs while wearing ice skates at a Sydney rink.

Man blamed by accused for shooting was still in bed, court told

Stephanie Gardiner As Michael Allan Jacobs lay injured outside a block of flats in Tamworth, police heard him name Terry Price as the man who shot Senior Constable David Rixon.

Acquitted of murder: Wood sues media outlets

Gordon Wood

Stephanie Gardiner Gordon Wood, who was acquitted of the murder of his girlfriend Caroline Byrne, is suing several media outlets for defamation.

Family claps after jury's guilty verdict on killings

Stephanie Gardiner Giuseppe Di Cianni insisted the only time he left his house on May 6, 2009 was to leave a gift of a bottle of homemade pasta sauce in his yard for his friend, Josephine Pintabona, to collect.