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City trains stopped due to track problems

Commuters were stuck on trains and stranded at stations after urgent track repairs closed lines between Town Hall and Bondi Junction on Tuesday morning.

Travellers reported that short trips between inner-city stations, such as from Kings Cross to Martin Place, took more than an hour after track problems closed the Eastern Suburbs and Illawara Line in both directions.

Trains have now resumed on the lines but are only able to pass the work site at Martin Place very slowly and some services are diverting via the City Circle, a statement from Sydney Trains said. 

A "broken rail" at Martin Place caused the disruption, the statement said.

A spokesman would not provide any further information but said another statement would be released "when the incident is resolved".

It's not known how many trains were stuck between stations, or for exactly how long, due to the broken rail.


"Crews have now repaired the broken rail and services will gradually start to return to normal  although speed restrictions are still in place," the statement said. 

Some train services are still diverting via the City Circle, meaning passengers may have to change trains. 

Passengers were first warned to expect delays about 9am and when the lines were closed, just before 9.45am, there were no replacement buses immediately avaliable adding to the problems for commuters. 

Buses are no longer supplementing trains on the line.  The Transport Management Centre said passengers should continue to allow additional travel time. 

Paseengers on the South Coast line are also facing delays due to the track repairs.

On Twitter, the use of the hashtag #cityfail quickly gained momentum as frustrated commuters took to the social media site complain about the lengthy disruption to their journeys.