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Driver tried to save boy hit by four-wheel-drive at Macmasters Beach

The driver of a four-wheel-drive that struck and killed a four-year-old boy on the central coast on Monday evening tried to save him before paramedics arrived.

Thomas McLaughlin, from North Sydney, had been on holiday at Macmasters Beach with his parents, grandparents and two siblings aged seven and 18 months when he was hit about 6pm.

Thomas' grandfather was with him when he ran out into the path of the four-wheel-drive on Three Points Avenue, in front of the family's holiday rental property.

The driver, a 64-year-old woman from Macmasters Beach, who is believed to be a nurse, stopped her Toyota Prado after the accident and attempted to perform CPR on Thomas, as did his grandfather.

"She has kids herself," one resident, who did not want to be named, said. "She's still in hospital and absolutely devastated."

Paramedics treated Thomas at the scene and called for a helicopter but he suffered cardiac arrest and died before it could arrive.


The driver, who is a member of the local life saving club, was taken to hospital in shock after the accident.

Police said there was no indication the woman was driving over the speed limit.

"We are all gutted. It's just devastating on every level," resident Jenny Fleetwood said.

Locals say the family were renting a property at 16 Three Points Avenue and had arrived only days before the accident.

Police said the family left Macmasters Beach and returned to their North Sydney home on Tuesday morning.

Dozens of residents on the quiet street came out of their houses on Monday night when they heard the sirens of police and ambulances responding to the accident.

Resident David Harrison was drawn from his house when he heard Thomas' mother screaming.

"Macmasters is a very tight knit community. Only a few hours before there was a group of young boys playing cricket on the street," he said.

Jim Kelly lives several doors from the house that the family was renting. "There's a pall that's descended over the street," he said.

A resident of Macmasters Parade, who did not want to be named, said: "It's broken up the whole community. We're always telling people to slow down but this woman was driving quite slowly.

"For the community, it's our worst nightmare."