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Escapee John Killick wins extradition reprieve

Septuagenarian prison escapee John Reginald Killick has won a last-minute reprieve from extradition to Queensland to serve out a sentence for an armed robbery he committed more than 30 years go.

Last week a local court magistrate ordered Killick to present himself at police headquarters in Brisbane at 9am on Thursday, May 8.

His lawyers are applying for a Supreme Court review of that decision, which, if successful, would allow him to remain in NSW and avoid serving the two-and-half-year balance of the outstanding parole term for the 1983 offence.

In the Supreme Court on Tuesday, Justice Caroline Simpson granted a stay of the extradition pending a date being set for the review.

She also continued the balance of his bail, which requires him to wear an electronic bracelet and live at his wife's home in inner Sydney.

Killick achieved international notoriety in 1999 when his Russian girlfriend, Lucy Dudko, hijacked a helicopter and plucked him from the exercise yard of Sydney's Silverwater prison where he was serving time for armed robbery.


After 45 days on the run, Killick and Dudko were recaptured and the former was returned to prison for a further 15 years.

In April Killick, now 72, was granted parole.

However, Queensland authorities immediately sought his extradition back to that state, saying when Killick was released in 1993 after serving an earlier sentence, he breached his parole by committing another armed robbery and then failing to meet his reporting requirements when he was placed on a good behaviour bond.

Last week, outside the court, Killick's solicitor Eidan Havas said if the attempt to have the decision reviewed in the NSW Supreme Court failed, an application could be made in the Queensland Supreme Court.

Mr Havas said if Killick was extradited to Queensland it was highly likely he would be granted parole immediately.

"All indications from Queensland parole board is that he would most likely be paroled immediately, which is why I'm kicking and screaming as to what a waste of taxpayers' dollars this is.

"I have to beg the question: 'What are we doing here?' "