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Life a revolving door of panic and pain for road rage victim Kim

Kim Smith's life has been one of pain, nightmares and constant panic since she was run down in a road rage attack almost a year ago.

"This year has been so bad. I cry at anything and I am scared to be alone," she said.

"When I see a dark car, I panic and when I hear a car screech, I panic.

"When I get in a car, I panic, when I'm alone, I panic. That's all I seem to do is panic.

"And I am in pain every day. My legs hurt and my face hurts, the teeth that were knocked loose are bad now and need to be removed.


"I still pull some glass from my head and in fact, pulled a thorn from my back just last week."

Shaun Chettleburgh has pleaded guilty to using an offensive weapon with intent to cause actual bodily harm, The Border Mail reports.

On April 29 last year, Chettleburgh accelerated harshly in his high-powered black car at a Lavington intersection about 4.50pm and Ms Smith shouted, saying he was "a f---ing hero".

A short time later as she walked with a friend in Goolagar Crescent, Chettleburgh, drove at them at 80km/h.

Ms Smith was flung over the car, smashing the windscreen and the other woman jumped out of the way.

Chettleburgh, 29, appeared for sentencing submissions before Judge David Frearson.

I was, in my mind, invincible and I loved life and everything in it; waking up every morning wondering what I was going to do that day. The day of the accident changed all that

Earlier, Ms Smith, 24, sat with her partner and family as her mother read her victim impact statement in the District Court at Albury.

She recounted how happy her life had been before she was run down by Chettleburgh.

"Before this accident happened I was very outgoing, nothing scared me," she said.

"I was, in my mind, invincible and I loved life and everything in it; waking up every morning wondering what I was going to do that day.

"The day of the accident changed all that."

She said she remembered all that happened leading up to the time she was run down.

"I remember telling the driver 'you're a hero' and then hearing a car screeching, looking and thinking 'jump'. Lucky I jumped."

After she was hit, it all became hazy.

"My girlfriend Ash was crying as she knelt near me. I was lying on the road. I tried to get up and I couldn't," she said.

"I told Ash in a calm voice, 'My legs are broken, that's all.'

"I felt like a rag doll then. Later in the night reality came and I was beyond upset."

Ms Smith described the extreme pain and being sore all over her body.

"The next day after the accident they wanted to operate and put rods in my legs," she said.

"Do you realise how invasive and painful that is, to have two steel rods hammered into your bone so they stay straight?"

She spent a week in hospital before being discharged but had skin off her face, side and head.

"My life is over as a normal person. People say I look the same, but I don't know," she said.

"I have so many scars and I forget everything.

"I'm like a stick man. I have no shape in my body now. It's all skin and bone."

She told Chettleburgh he had ruined her life, and his own.

"Don't you wish you could take it back and have that day again and just drive past?" she asked.

Judge Frearson has delayed the sentencing.

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