Overturned Bega cheese truck blocks Princes Highway

Emergency services have worked through the night to unload 20 tonnes of cheese from an overturned truck blocking a major south coast highway.

The truck was carrying a load of Bega Cheese. The company had to recover the cheese - scraping it off the ground and loading it onto another truck - and take it back to the factory to be weighed for insurance purposes.

One lane of the Princes Highway closed for about 12 hours after a semi trailer carrying the large load of cheese from Bega rolled at 10.30pm on Monday.

The truck rolled and skidded to a halt 100 metres down the hill as it was heading north along the highway coming through Jerrawangala, south of Nowra.

The body of the truck cut off both lanes of the highway, effectively blocking off traffic for a period. At one stage, traffic was banked up past Wandandian as drivers waited for the accident to be cleared.

The loud crash alerted local residents who phoned emergency services and went to the aid of the driver.


The driver, a young man from Bairnsdale, Victoria, was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Emergency services and volunteer Rural Fire Brigade members spent most of the night at the site.

An industrial tow truck was called from Wollongong to help drag the truck to one side after the accident to open one lane to traffic.

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