Two miners dead after wall collapses at Austar Coal Mine near Paxton

Ashleigh Gleeson and Matt Carr Two men have been killed and two injured after a Hunter Valley coal mine collapsed.

Close eye kept on repeat offenders

Brendan Hokin.

Eamonn Duff Police profilers have assembled a hit list of more than 40 serial arson suspects and placed them under continuing surveillance - until at least the end of summer.

Female miner crushed to death at Hunter Valley mine

Ambulance generic.

Dan Proudman A female miner on a routine break has been crushed to death after she apparently drove into the path of one of the fully-laden 400-tonne dump trucks she was employed to drive.

Disabled residents charged for toilet key

NCH - NEWS - Kate Burgess of Cessnock is unhappy about council decisions to make disabled people purchase a key to access disabled toilets -  5th Dec  2013 Pic by  Peter Stoop

Michael McGowan Disabled Hunter residents are being forced to pay to use public toilets, as councils put loos in lockdown in an effort to curb vandalism.

Missing teenager found safe and well

Bethaney Neville

Nick Ralston A teenage girl missing from her family home in the Illawarra for more than four months has been found safe and well living in a house in the Hunter.

The not-so-crate escape: a few hours later he was back in jail

Dan Proudman He is alleged to have used his privileges as a minimum security inmate - and the access to some handy objects which that privilege gave him - to make a mad dash for freedom.

Abused while in care is no care at all

A despaired girl leaning against a windows. ISTOCK.
Prison, Women, Teenage Girls, Depression, Sadness, Loneliness, Window, Crying, Fear, Light, Hopelessness, Dark, Victim, Solitude, One Person, One Woman Only, Failure, Terrified, People, Concepts And Ideas, Despair, Behavior, The End, Frustration

Lisa Pryor On a Friday afternoon in August last year, a man stood outside a police station in a town north of Sydney.

Minister asked MP to write mine letter

Linton Besser The disgraced former resources minister Ian Macdonald personally asked his predecessor in the portfolio, the then Cessnock MP Kerry Hickey, to write him a letter supporting a proposal for a so-called...

Fiery crash: choppers to be grounded unless fuel tanks changed


Nick Ralston All helicopters similar to those involved in a fiery crash that killed four retired scientists will be grounded at the end of the month unless vital changes are made to their fuel tanks.

Nationals leader hoping for a long cabinet shelf life

Andrew Stoner

Sean Nicholls The shelf life of Australia's most senior politicians is often limited, but few are more perishable than those who lead the National Party in government.

MP wrote in support of 'training mine'

Hunter edition March 11  Cessnock state candidates pix  copy filed in cyber 
Kerry Hickey  ALP

Linton Besser The disgraced former resources minister Ian Macdonald personally asked his predecessor in the portfolio, the then Cessnock MP Kerry Hickey, to write him a letter supporting a proposal for a so-called...

Secretary resigns

Melissa Davey The secretary of the NSW Treasury, Michael Schur, is the latest casualty of the change of government.

Costa family home invasion: 'I thought my children would be stabbed to death'

Michael Costa

Dan Proudman YESTERDAY, for 15 minutes, Deborah Costa was bound inside her family's isolated homestead, fearing for the lives of her children, when the actions of her four-year-old daughter gave her hope.

I feared I would be stabbed and raped: Costa's wife tells of home invasion ordeal

Deborah Costa

Deborah Costa's greatest fear was that a masked home invader would rape her or stab her and her children to death.

Burney replaces Tebbutt as deputy

Alexandra Smith State Politics THE former community services minister Linda Burney will be elected NSW Labor's deputy leader today, and the former police minister Michael Daley will be shadow treasurer in the reduced shadow...

Electoral tsunami set to sweep ministers away

Brian Robins THE latest Herald/Nielsen opinion poll indicates the swing against the Labor Party will be so great that its plans to renew and rebuild its parliamentary party will be in tatters after next month's...

Huge damages claim, voter anger haunt state after power sale


Brian Robins A DAMAGES claim of up to several hundred million dollars could further erode any earnings from the botched sale of part of the state-owned electricity assets.

Falling tree kills man in bushfire

Erik Jensen OTHER firefighters worked desperately to free John Garland from the tree pinning him to the ground. A rescue helicopter was called. But by the time it arrived it was too late.

Two killed in helicopter crash

Erik Jensen Two men are dead and another is badly burnt after a helicopter crash in the Hunter Valley.

Two dead as chopper explodes

Georgina Robinson Two men have been killed and a pilot badly injured after a helicopter crashed and exploded in the NSW Hunter Valley this morning.