The Rocks

Heritage impact ignored in proposed sale of historic houses in The Rocks area, says National Trust

Nicole Hasham The O'Farrell government must halt the sale of 200 historic homes at Millers Point, because it failed to properly assess the potential heritage damage or seek appropriate advice, the National Trust...

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Rock fisherman dies after being swept off the rocks near Lake Macquarie

A 35-year-old man has died after being struck by a large wave and swept out to see while rock fishing with friends at a beach near Lake Macquarie on Saturday afternoon.

Dab hands at painting to tell The Rocks story

Tim Elliott IT HAS 300 litres of paint, 40 artists and an 81-year-old rapping pensioner, but stage two of the Great Southern Wall mural is finally complete.

Feeling secret pinstripe pressure in The Rocks

Les Kennedy Complaints of intimidation, both verbal and in legal emails, to businesses in Sydney's The Rocks allegedly by suited men not from government departments in the past year have been the subject of a...

Rats plague The Rocks, businesses want action

Les Kennedy NINETY years after The Rocks was inundated by the rat plague, the historic Sydney harbour-side area and the foreshore of Circular Quay are again under siege by the rodents.

Big art project blocks the cops at The Rocks

Les Kennedy POLICE at The Rocks will soon be unable to charge alleged criminals at their Circular Quay waterfront station - and modern art is the culprit.

Several beach rescues on NSW south coast

Mackenzies Beach rescue by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter .

Ben Westcott Lifesavers have rescued three people including a nine-year-old girl from dangerous surf conditions on Friday afternoon.

Sydney City accuses state of cherry-picking most profitable public land


Nicole Hasham The City of Sydney has demanded control of Barangaroo, Circular Quay, Darling Harbour and other prime land in a bold push to substantially expand its borders.

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Search for shark attack victim Christine Armstrong resumes at Tathra

Tathra beach is deserted at 7.30 am after yesterday's shark

Fleta Page Police "hold out no hope" they will find Christine Armstrong alive, confirming they found evidence to convince them the 63 year old Tathra resident was killed by a shark.

Clover Moore seeks $110,000 to help evicted public housing tenants

Clover Moore.

James Robertson Clover Moore will move to grant up to $110,000 in ratepayers' money to help hundreds of public housing tenants who are soon to be evicted by the state government.

Christine Armstrong, 63, dies on regular morning swim after shark strikes

Tathra shark victim search ends for today (Thumbnail)

Saffron Howden, Fleta Page, Henry Belot, Ben Westcott Just two years after morning swimmers were warned that sharks around Tathra wharf were a ''tragedy waiting to happen'', a woman was taken and killed by a shark on Thursday.

NSW town mourns woman taken by large shark

Christine Armstrong died in Tathra shark attack during morning swim.

Saffron Howden, Fleta Page, Henry Belot A NSW south coast town is in shock after a ritual morning swim by a group of locals ended in the death of a woman in a shark attack.

Shark horror two years after swimmers raised fears

Christine Armstrong

Fleta Page and Henry Belot A south coast town already too familiar with tragedy is reeling after the shark attack death of a woman two years after fears were publicly raised that swimmers might be in danger.

O'Farrell government ignored consultants' advice on plan to sell public housing at Millers Points


Nicole Hasham, Leesha McKenny The O'Farrell government ignored advice from its own consultants on how to evict vulnerable tenants from Millers Point public housing with minimal damage to their health and wellbeing.

Eviction news 'worst day' for Sirius building tenant, 84


Nicole Hasham The lift doors were built to move slowly, giving elderly bodies time to shuffle in and out. Ground-floor flats were built for the acrophobic; others, like Ron Jennings, enjoy million-dollar harbour...

They can't turf us like rubbish, say angry Millers Point residents


Georgina Mitchell The tiny hall in Millers Point held hundreds of residents, all angry at the state government's decision to sell the area's public housing.

Sydney waterfront public housing properties to be sold off

Sirius apartment, Cumberland Street the rocks

Nicole Hasham Almost 300 public housing properties on Sydney's harbourfront will be sold off, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for the O'Farrell government and forcing out residents who have lived there for...

Sydney mayor Clover Moore slams NSW state housing sell-off

Nicole Hasham, Leesha McKenny The O'Farrell government will not rule out selling millions of dollars worth of public housing at prime sites in inner Sydney after a decision to force out tenants in 300 harbourside properties.

Circular Quay restaurant Ocean Room forced to close due to overseas passenger terminal renovation

Melanie Kembrey, Anthony Dennis A serious shortage of wharf space because of booming passenger cruise ship traffic, combined with an urgent need to redevelop Sydney's overseas passenger terminal, has led to the closure of another...

Two deny role in wild car chase that seriously injured a passer-by

Scales thumbnail

Paul Bibby Five young people allegedly led police on a wild, high-speed car chase for more than 80 kilometres through northern NSW, throwing rocks at the officers and passing motorists, seriously injuring a...