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Secret switch reveals 007-style stash, court told

An elaborate secret car compartment worthy of a James Bond movie was found when a young man was pulled over for a random breath test, police have alleged.

Police told court on Saturday of their surprise find when they uncovered a concealed switch near the steering wheel, which, when pushed with a demister button, opened the door to a hidden compartment in the glove box.

Police allege 40 clear MDMA capsules weighing 7.9 grams and $4000 cash dropped from the secret compartment.

Christopher Anderson, 22, was stopped for a random breath test just after midnight on Friday in Surry Hills.

After allegedly spotting a "burner" Nokia mobile phone, police searched the car, and said they found a second Nokia phone, an iPhone and 3.1 grams of cocaine inside a plastic bag in the glove box.

Anderson denied any knowledge of the drugs, and was arrested and taken to Surry Hills Police Station.

It was only after a further search of the car that the elaborate system allegedly used to hide drugs and money was found, police told Parramatta Bail Court.

Police said the money from the compartment, and a further $840 found in Mr Anderson's wallet and the car, were from drug dealing.

Mr Anderson, who is charged with supply of drugs and dealing property suspected to be the proceeds of drug dealing, was granted bail to reappear before the Downing Centre on January 19.