Body found behind Hawkins Oval, Wickham Park. Forensic at the scene.

Body found behind Hawkins Oval, Wickham Park. Forensic at the scene. Photo: Simone De Peak

A teenager will face a children's court charged with the murder of Tony O'Grady in Newcastle.

Strike Force Harrogate detectives arrested the 18-year-old on Thursday morning and took him away for questioning.

The accused was 17 when Mr O'Grady was allegedly bashed and choked to death on Thomas Armstrong Oval in Wickham Park on March 26.

He is expected to be charged with murder, aggravated robbery and car theft.

He is the third person charged over the death following the arrest of Anthony Dent for murder and Sidney Regan for concealing a serious offence.

Mr Dent was the first to be charged.

Mr Regan faced Newcastle Local Court on Wednesday.

A police statement tendered during the hearing alleged that Mr O'Grady was lured to the park on March 26 on the promise of a party, but as he walked across the oval he was allegedly bashed, tied up and gagged.

The court heard that Mr Dent's DNA profile had matched the profile lifted from blood on Mr O'Grady's underpants, on the rope used to tie him up and on a pair of shorts found under the victim.

The police also alleged that advice received from forensic pathologists was that Mr O'Grady would have probably survived the alleged assault by Mr Dent if he had received "timely medical attention". But the acts of tying him up and gagging him so tightly had caused him to choke to death, the court heard.