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Tributes pour in for dead mother

A FEW years ago Mijin Shin quit her job as a nanny. She told her then employer she wanted to  have a family of her own.

Two years ago she met a man, they bought a home in Beecroft and moved in with her 11-year-old daughter, Kelly. Eleven months ago she had a second daughter, Meera.

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The day Mijin Shin died saving her baby

In the aftermath of the accident which killed the Sydney mother in 2012 witnesses explained how the tragedy unfolded.

But on Wednesday afternoon the life Ms Shin had created ended brutally.

As she crossed Hannah Street near Beecroft Road at Beecroft holding Meera she was struck by a bus carrying Kelly on her way home from school camp.

In her final act before she died, witnesses saw Ms Shin knock her baby out of the way  to save her.

‘‘I heard a child screaming so I ran out to see what it was and under the bus there was the body of a woman ...  they were trying to bring her up but she was very unconscious,’’ said a witness, Evangeli Barichard.


‘‘A man had picked up a child from the street which was screaming ... it was very frightening.’’

The bus driver attempted to revive Ms Shin, who was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

She had been on her way to Beecroft Primary School to pick up Kelly after her camp.

The  young girl did not witness the accident but was seen comforting Meera shortly afterwards.

‘‘To see that little 11-year-old girl cuddling her little sister, not knowing how badly hurt her mother was, is something I will never forget,’’ a Beecroft business owner, Michael O’Rourke, said. ‘‘The little [baby] girl was traumatised. She was screaming.’’

Another witness, a restaurateur,  Leon Liu, said it was the second incident near the busy intersection in the past two months after a bus turning into the same street hit a motorcycle. Tracey Hill, a friend of Ms Shin,  said, ‘‘She was just a beautiful person.’’

The bus driver, a 69-year-old from Port Stephens, has four decades of driving experience and was yesterday receiving counselling. 

Police said speed was not a factor and that the bus had turned on a green light.