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Uncle did not kill my family, says Brenda Lin

BRENDA LIN has spoken out in defence of her uncle, denying he was responsible for murdering five members of her family in their North Epping home.

Almost a year after her parents, two brothers and aunt were found bludgeoned to death, the 16-year-old says she still cannot find any reason for their murder.

However, she told her local newspaper that reports her uncle, Robert Xie, was a prime suspect in the killings were wrong.

"He was really stressed and really upset because we know it's not true," she told The Northern District Times.

"And he doesn't like to think that people around him might think that way about him.

"He has helped me so much and he really supports [his wife] Kathy and has done so much for us. It's not fair that people and the media are making out like he might have something to do with it."


Police conducted a five-day search of Robert Xie and Kathy Lin's North Epping home, where Brenda now lives, in May. That property is just around the corner from where the Lin family were murdered.

Neither Mr Xie, nor Mrs Lin, who have just returned from a 10-day holiday in China with Brenda and their son, William, would comment yesterday.

They have also rejected an offer from the Epping community to hold a commemorative service for the slain family - newsagent Min Lin, his wife, Lillie, her sister Irene, and the couple's sons, Henry and Terry.

Brenda, who was overseas on a school trip when the murders took place, said in the past year she has found comfort in her aunt and uncle as well as her friends at Cheltenham Girls High. She said she no longer relies on pills to get to sleep.

Police yesterday reassured the public the investigation into the Lin family murders was still active and that progress was being made.

''This is a tragic incident that is one of the largest single homicides in NSW history, and as such it remains a complex investigation,'' the police statement said.