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University of Sydney accidentally notifies students of admission

The University of Sydney has accidentally notified hundreds of students of their admission offers twelve hours before they were due to be released.

Successful applicants to the University of Sydney received a text message just after 9am this morning, congratulating them on their offer to study there in 2014.

About 87,000 NSW and ACT students are due to discover the results of their university applications at 9pm on Thursday.

University of Sydney investigations have revealed that a third party contracted to send out the mass message had made an error about the correct time for it to be distributed.

The congratulatory text message did not contain details of the course students had gained entry into, and students will still have to wait until 9pm to find out which course they have received an offer for.

Madeline Pham, a Canberra resident hoping to study a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sydney in 2014, said she was confused when she received the text message first at 9am.


"I was surprised at first because I wasn't expecting anything until 9pm, but then I realised it must have been a mistake," she said.

She said that despite knowing she has gotten into her chosen university, she still feels "edgy" without knowing she has been accepted into her first-preference course.

A UAC spokesperson confirmed that the centre had received numerous calls from applicants confused about what the text message meant for their chances at getting into their university of choice.

A University of Sydney spokesperson said they were in the process of confirming exactly how many students had received the message in question.

She added that the university would be sending out a further message clarifying the situation for confused students shortly.