Scenes from an accident at Carlingford Public School.

"None of us are really looking to punish anyone for this at all": Scenes from the accident at Carlingford Public School. Photo: Geoff Jones

The father of two girls hit by a car outside Carlingford Public School said he does not want to see the driver punished but fears the road safety message is not getting through to school parents.

Police charged school mother Soheila Fazeli, 46, on Monday with negligent driving occasioning death after the fatal accident on the final day of school last year.

One of the victims, a four-year-old girl who cannot be named for legal reasons, is expected to have a limp for the next 10 years after the car's front wheel went over her, leaving her pinned underneath the back of the car with a crushed pelvis. Her sister, 5, was uninjured but the girls' six-year-old cousin, who was visiting from Malaysia, died.

The boy's mother, Fung Yin Ong, was walking her niece to her last day of kindergarten on December 18 when they were all struck on a footpath outside the school.

In the days after the incident, police said the driver had been performing a three-point turn in the school's driveway, a practice that had been banned by the school for safety reasons.

The father of the two girls said he saw a parent doing a similar three-point turn outside the school just two days ago. ''None of us are really looking to punish anyone for this at all; it was an accident,'' he said. ''But we could all take more time to do things. I don't know what you can do to make it safer but I'd like to see more police presence around the front of schools just on the odd occasion to speak to people who they see doing silly things.''

He said their family hoped Ms Fazeli could move on in the future. ''That's our main feeling, there's no point in ruining other people's lives.''

The six year-old boy's parents, who have since returned to Malaysia, have been ''stronger than all of us,'' he said. His four year-old daughter has had continuing surgery and will have her own struggles in the future, he said. ''We're still not quite sure what's going to happen for her but it could have been so much worse,'' he said. ''The wheel went right over the top of her and smashed her pelvis but if it was an inch either way she might not be walking. At the end of the day, we have to count our blessings.''

Ms Fazeli was issued a court attendance notice for negligent driving occasioning death and negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm and will appear in Burwood Local Court on May 7.