Andrew Fraser

Clive Palmer legal threats ignored by government MPs

Amy Remeikis Clive Palmer’s threat of defamation action has not deterred government MPs from repeating the line that the mining magnate turned federal member is “buying votes”.

Clive Palmer pushes ahead with defamation case against Queensland premier

Clive Palmer speaking to media in Brisbane.

Amy Remeikis Clive Palmer said he is pressing forward with defamation action against the Queensland Premier as soon as possible, but he is not seeking to personally benefit from any damages awarded to him.

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Ex-treasurer follows Bligh's career path to a Sydney boardroom

Bridie Jabour Queensland's former deputy premier Andrew Fraser is the latest member of the state's defeated Labor government to score a position in Sydney but will not be migrating south for the gig.

Outpouring of support for 'tough' Bligh after cancer diagnosis

Anna Bligh

Amy Remeikis Anna Bligh is a fighter who will send cancer running, according to past and present political heavyweights who have thrown their support behind the former Queensland premier since her diagnosis.

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For Labor ex-minister, a time of atonement

Cameron Dick

Tony Moore approached several of Labor’s former MPs to guage their reaction to their new lives four months after their savage election loss. One obliged.

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Has Newman broken public sector promises?

Campbell Newman

Daniel Hurst Analysis of union claims that Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has broken election promises over his plans for the public service.

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Amid health brawl, LNP tries to shift job cut spotlight

Health workers protest outsourcing Queensland Health services

Daniel Hurst Premier Campbell Newman has given a glowing endorsement of his health minister, as the Liberal National Party government sought to go on the attack over cuts to Queensland Health.

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Newman confused about status


Analysis Tracey Ferrier CAMPBELL NEWMAN claims to be the underdog. But the Liberal National Party leader's cocky declaration of ''game on'' in the Queensland election campaign paints him as precisely the opposite.

Union revokes campaign option

Daniel Hurst Queensland's public sector union has ruled out campaigning for any political party at the upcoming election, a day after its secretary left the door open to backing the Liberal National Party.

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CMC warns political candidates over false complaints

Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission has warned that political candidates who use the watchdog to score cheap points could face prosecution.

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Higher pay in lean public service, Newman pledges

Campbell Newman.

Daniel Hurst Aspiring premier Campbell Newman has flagged higher pay rises for public servants, but also a reduction to the overall size of the public service.

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Race for first civil union amid LNP threat

Gay marriage

Daniel Hurst The Bligh Government will race to make same-sex civil unions available within the next few months, amid a Liberal National Party threat to tear up the law if no one had registered their relationship...

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Valentine's Day reunion, then poll massacre

Gabrielle Dunlevy THE final week of parliament usually has a last week of school feeling to it, but not when it's likely the last chance to make up ground before an election.

LNP civil unions stance 'in Bligh's hands'

Queensland legalises gay marriage (Thumbnail)

Daniel Hurst A Liberal National Party decision on scrapping the same-sex civil union law hinges on whether at least one couple has entered into such an arrangement by the time of a change of government.

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Queensland government to dramatically expand port

The Queensland government plans to expand the port of Abbot Point to nine terminals on the back of overwhelming demand from the private sector.

Queensland civil unions bill passes

gay homosexual civil union

Kym Agius Same sex couples in Queensland now have the right to enter into legally recognised civil unions.

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Queensland's civil unions debate blow by blow

Daniel Hurst It's crunch time for a proposal to allow couples to register their relationships as "civil unions" in Queensland.

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Civil unions bill gets 'gold-plated arm chair ride'

Gay marriage

Daniel Hurst The Liberal National Party and independents have failed to prevent the debate on same-sex civil unions from going ahead in Queensland Parliament tonight, despite complaints the legislation had...

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Camps face off to debate civil unions bid

gay marriage

Bridie Jabour As Queensland Parliament prepares today to debate the civil partnerships bill, an outspoken critic and key supporter have gone head to head to argue their case.

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Fraser's rival backs civil unions

Daniel Hurst The opposition candidate challenging for Deputy Premier Andrew Fraser inner-city electorate has revealed her in-principle support for allowing same-sex civil unions.

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