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Gold Coast adventurer reaches South Pole

A Gold Coast adventurer taking a pink ‘‘boob-sled’’ across Antarctica has made it to the South Pole.

Payroll debacle: Queensland Health prepares for pay back

Free money! (Thumbnail)

Bridie Jabour Queensland Health has announced an overhaul of its payroll system as it moves to recover $74 million in over payments to staff.

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Queensland Health to be abolished 'as we know it'


Daniel Hurst Premier Anna Bligh has announced plans to abolish Queensland Health "as we know it" in the wake of a fraud scandal.

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QH executive sought over missing $16 million

QH executive

Amy Remeikis Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says no stone will be left unturned in the search for a Queensland Health executive accused of stealing up to $16 million from the department.

Writing is on the wall for junk food

The Meat Monster

Queensland fast-food outlets will be required to display the energy content of foods and drinks on their menu boards.

LNP civil unions stance 'in Bligh's hands'

Queensland legalises gay marriage (Thumbnail)

Daniel Hurst A Liberal National Party decision on scrapping the same-sex civil union law hinges on whether at least one couple has entered into such an arrangement by the time of a change of government.

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Bligh puts heat on federal Labor over gay marriage

Daniel Hurst and Bridie Jabour Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has called on the national Labor conference to change the party's platform to support same-sex marriage.

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Queensland civil unions bill passes

gay homosexual civil union

Kym Agius Same sex couples in Queensland now have the right to enter into legally recognised civil unions.

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Queensland's civil unions debate blow by blow

Daniel Hurst It's crunch time for a proposal to allow couples to register their relationships as "civil unions" in Queensland.

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Cyclone forces 300 schools to close

About 300 schools in Queensland's far north, north and central regions will be closed from tomorrow as severe tropical cyclone Yasi approaches.

Spin check: Hospital wait times

Waiting times spin check

Daniel Hurst Premier Anna Bligh has trumpeted Queensland as having the shortest elective surgery waiting times in the country, but the AMAQ says she's lying. Who's really telling the truth?

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