Stephen Robertson

Police minister to quit politics

Neil Roberts

Bridie Jabour Minister for Police, Corrective Services and Emergency Services Neil Roberts has announced he will not contest the election next year, making him the eighth Labor MP to announce their retirement in...

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Power companies to save, but no guarantees for public


Darren Cartwright Queensland's energy minister can't guarantee potential savings for power companies will lead to cheaper electricity.

LNP's electricity cap outshone by Labor initiative

A Liberal National Party policy to cap household power tariffs and save Queensland consumers about $120 a year has been trumped by a Bligh government initiative.

Summer of storms ahead for Queensland

It will be fire and storms, not floods, that test Queensland this spring and summer, the latest forecasts suggest.

Spin check: Hospital wait times

Waiting times spin check

Daniel Hurst Premier Anna Bligh has trumpeted Queensland as having the shortest elective surgery waiting times in the country, but the AMAQ says she's lying. Who's really telling the truth?

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Three dam engineers in CMC's sights and class action threat: flood report


Daniel Hurst Three engineers face potential criminal charges and threat of the "largest'' class action in Australian looms in the aftermath of long-awaited report from the $15 million flood inquiry.

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