Queensland police have arrested 53 people in a criminal bikie sting, with officers seizing drugs, cash and reptiles.

More than 100 charges were laid for drug, weapons and traffic offences during the coordinated operation by Taskforce Maxima over the weekend.

Searches took place across the state, with warrants executed in Brisbane, the Moreton region, Townsville, Mount Isa, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast.

Detective Inspector Superintendant Mick Niland said "15 or 16" of the 53 people arrested were members of the Bandidos, Hells Angels and Rebels clubs.

Under the government's tough anti-bikie laws, these men will remain in custody until they face court later this week.

The others arrested were associates of the men and were released pending summons.

During the operation, police seized two kilograms of synthetic cannabis, more than 900 pseudoephedrine tablets, a rifle fitted with a scope, stolen jewellery, blank birth certificates, and foreign and local currency, with $139,000 found at one premises alone.

Two pythons were also discovered in a Brisbane tattoo parlour.

"We're not just focusing on criminal behaviour, we're looking at all their behaviour," Detective Inspector Brendan Smith said.

"There's consequences for people who want to associate with [criminal motorcycle gang] members. It can't be socially acceptable to be a friend of a bikie. You have to learn that it's not on."

Police also issued 62 traffic infringement notices during the operation.

Meanwhile, evidence from police footage led to a further three people being arrested for alleged involvement in the bikie brawl at Broadbeach on September 27.