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Brisbane gets its very own Jurassic Park

Video programmers have teamed up with a dinosaur expert to bring a "killing machine to life and set it free" in a digital dinosaur zoo sure to impress.

QUT's Cube Studio video programmers gave ten full-sized digital dinosaurs artificial intelligence, allowing them to make their own decisions about when to move, hunt, graze and rest in a digital dinosaur zoo at QUT's Garden Point campus.

"This is a zoo in the true sense of the word – we've set the animals loose behind the glass and we can't control what they do or when they do it," Cube Studio manager Sean Druitt said.

"The herbivores probably won't take much notice of you but the Tyrannosaurus and Australovenator might think you're on the menu, so please be careful.

"You could literally come in five days in a row and each time get a unique experience."

Laser sensors along the floor allow the dinosaurs to detect locations and heights of people visiting and react how a real dinosaur would.


Popular dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex share the park with well known dinosaurs like Stegosaurus and Triceratops and other lesser known Australian dinosaurs, including Queensland's very own Australovenator, nicknamed 'Banjo',discovered by palaeontologist and dinosaur expert Dr Scott Hocknull.

"After discovering, describing and naming Australovenator, it's an incredible experience to help bring this killing machine to life and set it free into its digital enclosure – a proud palaeontologist moment, for me," Dr Hocknull said.

The Dino Zoo was built based on fossil records, ensuring each aspect of the zoo, from the dinosaurs to rocks and insects, were as accurate as possible.

"We used direct evidence from the fossil record to rebuild these extinct animals and their environment. We also observed their closest living relatives - birds and crocodiles – and this gave us the perfect palette to bring the Dino Zoo world to life," Dr Hocknull said.

"Each aspect has scientific checks and evidence backing it up, along with careful analysis and testing. We have really gone to the nth degree to get it right as well as for it to be fun, educational and entertaining."

The Dino Zoo also includes a digital dig pit, an interactive Earth timeline and an Earth extinction simulator.

The Dino Zoo will run 10am - 4pm every day at QUT's Science and Engineering Centre until Wednesday January 27.