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Campbell Newman to remind Ashgrove he has delivered for electorate

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It's good to have the Premier as your local member – that is the pitch Campbell Newman will be taking to the people of Ashgrove in the next election.

On the second anniversary of his government's landslide election win, Mr Newman has categorically ruled out he will stand for any seat other than Ashgrove when Queensland goes back to the polls in 2015, which is expected to be sometime in February.

Mr Newman holds the seat with a 5.7 per cent margin.

Speaking to Fairfax Media, he sought to put an end to rumours he would be "parachuted” into a safe LNP seat ahead of the next election.

“I am standing for Ashgrove,” he said.

“Why? Because I met my wife in the electorate. Because I married her in the electorate. I christened my first born in the electorate. My children went to ballet in the electorate, I only live just slightly out of the electorate.


“It's an area I love, my friends are there, I bank in the electorate and have for 25 years.

“So there you go. Ashgrove is my part of Queensland, I am going to stand again in the election next year, for the people of Ashgrove.”

Mr Newman said given it would be Ashgrove voters who “get to decide whether I renew my contract or not”, he would spend the months leading up to the election urging them to look at his record.

“My message to them is whether they like me or dislike me, one thing, when they do look at my record, I have delivered for them as well, as I have for Queensland," he said.

“There is at least $55 million of benefit that I've delivered inside two years.

“They have a brand new sports hall at The Gap State High School, there are new classrooms at the Ashgrove State School, the Oakleigh State School is getting a major facelift and upgrade, the maintenance problems in our schools are almost eliminated, certainly they will be by the time of the election, a massive new intersection upgrade is on the way to being completed and many sporting groups and environmental groups have benefited from some significant grants.

“So it is good to have the Premier as your local member and that will be my pitch next year.”

In an interview and video to be published later in the week, Mr Newman talks to Fairfax Media about his government's anti-gang laws, asset sales and comparisons to the Joh-years.

But he said he is in it for the long haul.

“I do it because I love it, I do it because I want to serve the people,” he said.

“That's what keeps me going.”

But the Opposition said the government had failed to keep its election promises and would be punished at the next election.

“The Newman Government has little to be proud of as it marks two years in office. In fact many Queenslanders will think the only upside is that they have only a year to wait before sending this arrogant LNP Government a message," Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

“...Queenslanders now recognise this government for what it is – they see the extreme arrogance of a government that refuses to hear their concerns.

“Given the damage this government has done in just two years, Queenslanders are right to believe nothing will change over the next year before the next election.”