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Flood family's DIY warning over lead poisoning

The frightening spectre of lead poisoning lingers over the lives of a flood-ravaged Ipswich couple.

Unwittingly, Cathy Mason and Michael Vallance exposed their two young sons Jack and Lukah to the lead-laden dust that was released when they were repairing their North Ipswich home soon after the 2011 flood had consumed it.

With no insurance money to pay for tradespeople, the couple were doing the work themselves.

"We got a heat gun and we were peeling the paint off," Ms Mason said.

"Underneath was the lead and it was all dusty.

Tests done in March last year showed that Jack had a lead level of 22 micrograms per decilitre and Lukah had a level of 15 micrograms.

Federal guidelines state anything over 10 micrograms per decilitre is of concern.

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