Former addict gets fresh start with Salvation Army

Tony Kerridge is on a mission to give back to the Salvation Army after they helped him through a tough period in his life.

“For me, I lost my way a fair bit,” Mr Kerridge, 40, said.

“I ended up being a drug addict and I couldn’t function without drugs.

“I spent a long time in prison and caught up in that lifestyle of wanting to do good but I just couldn’t.”

He explained that in prison he found God and was able to turn his life around, with the help of the Salvation Army.

In 2012, Mr Kerridge completed a 43-week recovery program at the Salvation Army’s Moonyah Recovery Services Centre at Red Hill.


Mr Kerridge is now a support worker at the Moonyah centre, helping others recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

He’s also a leader at his local church, God’s Sports Arena, in Milton.

He said his role as a support worker was about helping others to complete and plan the steps needed to break addiction.

“A lot of it is just sitting down listening – having empathy for those guys,” Mr Kerridge said.

He said while rehabilitation is hard, it was rewarding to see someone’s life transform.

“They come alive again,” he said.

“A lot of the drug addicts had lost their life completely, and they don’t know who they are anymore.

“I just love doing it now.”

He will oversee the Salvation Army’s Red Shield Appeal this weekend, which is a doorknock to raise money to help others regain a hope and a future.

“There is hope,” he said. “It’s not easy, but there is definitely a way out, and that’s through Jesus Christ.”

For assistance with an addiction, contact The Salvation Army’s Recovery Services Centre, Moonyah on (07) 3369 0922