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From 7am, punters lined up hoping to strike it rich

An all-male syndicate of city workers have shelled out more than $10,000 on lotto tickets in hopes of bankrolling a trip to Las Vegas.

They are among those who joined the queues outside some city newsagencies today in hopes of winning tonight's $70 million Oz Lotto jackpot draw.

Tatts Lotteries expects one in two Australians to buy a ticket to tonight's lottery, with $7.5 million in tickets expected to be sold in total.

As many as $4 million worth of tickets are expected to be sold today.

Outside the Eagle Street News a line more than 30 people stretched out into the gutter at lunchtime, each customer hoping to be among the biggest lotto winners in Australian history.

Owner Jordan Cowen said his business might not make a lot of money out of selling lottery tickets.


But the exposure the $70 million jackpot afforded his business was worth the extra investment in staff and missed lunch breaks.

"It's been absolutely ridiculous," he said. "From 7am people there were queueing outside the door.

"A day like this doubles our customer count. We don't make much profit on these big days but it creates a public awareness."

Mr Cowen enjoyed the enthusiasm of the customers who share their dreams if they strike it rich on the lotto.

"There's an all-boys syndicate of city workers who have bought tickets valued more than $10,000," he said.

"They've got a Vegas trip planned."

"One old lady said to me 'don't tell my husband and I'll bring you along in my suitcase' [if she won the lotto and took a holiday].

"It's just a really nice opportunity for people. It gives everyone that chance to think what they'd do with that money.

"It's the kind of money the average person can't make off a horse race."

If the first division prize is not won tonight, the lotto may jackpot to $100 million.

The highest record Oz Lotto jackpot occurred in 2009 when Oz Lotto jackpotted to $106.5 million.

The draw closes at 7.30pm with the results to be revealed just before 9pm.