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'I was just dying': Pregnant Logan woman without power in heatwave

A 35-degree day without fans or airconditioning would be bad enough, but Eve Waters is facing those conditions 21 weeks into her pregnancy.

The 22-year-old Loganlea mother-to-be was one of the thousands who lost power during Sunday night's storm, which affected swathes of south-east Queensland.

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Ms Waters said the heat was “unbearable” overnight had been without power since about 6.20pm.

“It was really still after the storm and there was no sort of breeze, so it was really hot,” Ms Waters said.

“[I’m] half-way through a pregnancy, so I was just dying. I wanted that aircon.”

Ms Waters lives at a Queenslander-style duplex near the Loganlea train station.


She said she had little hope power would be restored quickly.

“I just rang Energex and they were saying there were trees on the powerlines, so I doubt it’s going to be on anytime soon,” she said.

“We’ve got two fridges and we usually stockpile a bunch of stuff and freeze things and that’s all gone.

“We haven’t been able to make a meal, haven’t been able to have a hot shower – we haven’t been able to do anything.”

Ms Waters said she and other residents in her neighbourhood were "pretty irritated" with the situation.

“Everyone’s down at the shopping centres trying to lap up the air conditioning and use all the power points.

“I’m trying to have patience, with it being a 35-degree day today, to stick it out and hope the power comes on soon.”

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Rick Threlfall said the storm did little to lower soaring temperatures expected in the coming week.

“Unfortunately the storm last night is not going to really affect the temperatures over the next few days, and we’re still expecting the very hot conditions around the Brisbane area all the way out until Thursday,” he said.

“Whilst [the storm] did briefly reduce the humidity last night, that’s already beginning to creep back up again.

“Temperatures are still sticking around the 34 and 35-degree mark in the city itself.

“It was a pretty short-lived relief.”

An Energex spokesperson said crews were beginning to restore power in some areas today, but that it could be some time before the bulk of homes had power restored.

“It’s highly likely in some instances, homes won’t be connected until tomorrow evening,” she said.

According to Energex, Logan City and surrounds will be the most difficult to reconnect, due to severe and widespread damage.