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Labor wins 20% swing in Stafford by-election

The Newman government has suffered its second by-election loss this year, with a massive swing towards Labor in Stafford.

With 68.6 per cent of the vote counted the Liberal National Party’s Bob Andersen had suffered a 17.3 per cent primary vote swing against the party.

The Greens’ vote was also up 1.3 per cent, but with Labor candidate Anthony Lynham attracting 50.4 per cent of the primary vote their preferences would not be needed to see the ALP increase its representation in Parliament from eight to nine.

The two-party preferred swing to Labor was just over 20 per cent, meaning maxillofacial surgeon Dr Lynham appeared likely to finish the night as the newly elected member for Stafford.

On a two-party preferred basis Dr Lynham led Mr Andersen 62.2 per cent to 37.8 per cent.

If such a swing was replicated across Queensland at next year’s state election, the LNP would lose 48 seats – and government.

The Stafford by-election was forced by the resignation of former assistant health minister Chris Davis after philosophical differences with the Newman government about doctors’ contracts and electoral donation laws.

The LNP also suffered a significant swing in February’s Redcliffe by-election, which saw former federal MP Yvette D’Ath swept into office with a 17.2 swing away from the Newman government.

While the stench of disgraced former LNP MP Scott Driscoll aided that result, the Driscoll factor could not be blamed for the party’s poor showing in Stafford.


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