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Man blows up Mount Isa home after using fly spray as a flame thrower

Lydia Lynch

Published: March 8 2018 - 6:28PM

A Queensland man used insect spray as a flamethrower to kill cockroaches, blowing up his Mount Isa kitchen in the process.

Luckily, the three children in the home, aged nine, 11 and 17, were unharmed after the Wednesday night explosion, which occured about 8pm.

Not so lucky was their father, who was taken to Mount Isa Hospital with “abrasions” to his face and arms. 

“It looks like the guy was using pest spray in the kitchen then a flame was lit which caused a small fire,” a police spokesman said.

The mother of the injured man said she only found out about the explosion on Thursday morning.

“Just looking at the house now is a shock,” the man's mother, who gave her name as Bernice, said.

“What I heard happened was the explosion caused the stove to fire up and it hit him in the chest. He is out of hospital now and I am going to go and see him," she said.

“I am so thankful that nobody was seriously hurt."

This story was originally published by the North West Star.

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