Man killed as police open fire on Brisbane's northside

One of the detectives involved in a shooting on Brisbane's northside yesterday was "hunted" and "cornered'' by the victim before the 36-year-old man was fatally shot, according to the police union.

Union president Ian Leavers said the man had attempted to severely harm the two detectives in the backyard of the home in Ivor Street, Bracken Ridge.

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RAW VISION: Police shooting

Aerial vision above Bracken Ridge shows the scene where a man was shot dead by police, with early reports suggesting he may have "rushed at police".

He said the two officers ran for cover when the man pointed the firearm at them.

One detective ran around the side of the house, while the other ran into the carport where he was cornered and "trapped in the confines of the carport".

"He had nowhere to go. He has then taken his firearm out when the man has walked around the corner with a loaded pistol pointed at the police officer and the police officer had no choice to discharge his firearm to save his own life," he said.

Mr Leavers said dead man’s firearm was loaded.


"It is a tragedy, but his actions were purely in self defence to save his own life. He was cornered and he had absolutely no where to go,’’ he said.

"I've spoken to him, he's a very decent man, and as he said he did what he did and these things aren't easy on police and he is doing it very tough.

"This police officer is an experienced police officer, he is a married man with children and he has a right to go home to his family and his young children at the end of the day.’’

The Queensland Police Service has promised a thorough investigation into the deadly shooting, involving two experienced plain clothes officers from the Northern District's Criminal Investigation Branch.

Mr Leavers said police arrived at the house shortly before noon looking for the 36-year-old man as part of an investigation into a number of property offences.

His girlfriend gave police permission to search the home and when officers reached the rear of the property, they encountered the man with a firearm, according to Mr Leavers.

“It happened very quickly and police had no option but to defend their own lives as they fired a volley of shots,’’ he said.

Acting Detective Superintendent Bob Hytch understood the man had a handgun but could not confirm.

Mr Leavers said the man was shot in the chest and stomach and died 45 minutes later.

According to the police union president, two young children were inside the house at the time of the shooting.

Neighbour Jacob Buckby said he heard "three or four gunshots".

"I was sitting down when I heard the shots I jumped up but couldn't see anything apart from a plain clothes detective running around [outside]," he said.

Mr Buckby said he heard screaming and crying from Ivor Street after the incident but had not heard any disturbances leading up to the shooting.

"I haven't heard anything from [the house] over the last few days apart from loud music," he said.

He said it was "pretty scary'' that the incident had happened so close to his home.

Earlier, Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said the two officers involved were detectives who went to the scene in Ivor Street, Bracken Ridge as part of a criminal investigation.

Mr Atkinson said a man in his 30s approached the officers and at least one of the detectives had fired a number of shots, believed to be four.

Mr Atkinson said it was not yet clear whether one or both officers fired the shots and the man died at the scene.

‘‘At this stage, we believe the officers acted in self defence,’’ he said.

However, Mr Atkinson said the incident would be fully investigated by the Ethical Standards Command and the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

The State Coroner had also been notified, he said.

Mr Atkinson could not confirm whether the man was armed with a gun.

‘‘That will be part of the investigation. On my advice, it would appear as though the officers have ... acted in self-defence and the man ... was armed in some way,’’ he said.

A police spokeswoman said the man had died after paramedics unsuccessfully performed CPR.

Paramedics were called to a private property on Ivor Street, Bracken Ridge, about 11.50am, the Department of Community Safety said.

The street was blocked off at both ends, with about a dozen police cars at the scene.

- with Daniel Hurst with AAP