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May the fourth be with you

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With the Death Star out of action and their Dark Lord having switched sides, there's not a lot for the Imperial forces to do these days.

So what is a Stormtrooper on International Star Wars Day to do?

Take over Brisbane of course.

Six of the Dark Side's white-clad underlings joined forces with bounty hunter Boba Fett and other Imperial ne'er do wells to raise money for the Starlight Children's Foundation.

And it turns out charity is a great fit for out-of-work minions; just one turn of those white helmeted heads was all it took for most early morning Brisbane pedestrians to drop a coin or two into the purple tins.

“Would you say no to a Stormtrooper?” Sebastian Cooper said.


“They might not have great aim. They might be easily fooled. They might even walk straight past what they are looking for. But just look at them! There's Stormtroopers in Brisbane!”

When not intimidating passersby, Jacqui Doyle said she and her fellow troopers and Imperial friends were just your average, run of the mill Star Wars fans, who also happened to belong to the Queensland chapter of the international 501st Legion's Redback Garrison.

And these aren't your average costumes. They have all been sanctioned by Lucasfilm and they have a price tag to match; expect to pay up to $900 to serve Vader's forces and that doesn't include installation.

You'll be doing that yourself.

But it was all completely worth it for the look on people's faces, Ms Doyle said.

“We're part of an international organisation that raises awareness and funds for charities and we're having a blast while doing it,” she said.

Sean Chun Tie has waited years to be able to join the Redbacks. The Townsville teen flew to Brisbane specially for the charity event, having turned 18 and met the minimum age requirement for the legion just days ago.

“I've been dressing up for years, but it feels awesome finally being approved,” he said from behind his Snowtrooper mask.

It won't be his last chance either; the Galactic Empire will continue its march southward towards the Gold Coast and Dreamworld tomorrow where they will become part of the largest contingent of Star Wars bad guys in the southern hemisphere.

“We've invited some Jedis along as well,” Ms Doyle said.

“Just to balance out the force.”

And did they ever find those droids they were looking for?

“Nope, never,” Ms Doyle said, putting her helmet back on.

“We're still looking.”