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Parkinson baby death: bedside hearing into stabbing of baby Queenie

A hearing is underway at the hospital bedside of a grandfather suspected of stabbing baby Queenie Xu to death in Brisbane's south.

Mother Yuanyuan Cao was also badly injured in the attack on Wednesday and her mother suffered life-threatening injuries.

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Vigil for baby Queenie

Hundreds gather to remember two-month old baby Queenie who was killed in an alleged stabbing attack as her mother and grandmother recover in hospital. Nine News

Police believed the baby's grandfather, who remained at the Princess Alexandra Hospital on Friday after suffering life-threatening injuries, was responsible for the attack.

On Friday, father Tenglong Xu, who was working at the time of the attack, issued a statement through the Queensland Police Service.

"My wife and I would like to extend our thanks to the community for the support they have shown to us since this tragic incident that occurred within our family home on Wednesday," he said.

"We are struggling to come to terms with the loss of our daughter and with the terrible injuries that my wife and her mother have suffered.


"Whilst we appreciate the support we have received, we would like to ask members of the community and the media to please respect our privacy and the dignity of our family at this time and allow us to deal with this difficult situation and to grieve for our daughter as a family in our own private manner."


"He came with the knife." Those were the only words Yuanyuan Cao's protector heard her say to him after she ran screaming from her home on Wednesday afternoon, dripping with blood.

The 28-year-old bank worker, her mother and baby daughter Queenie had just been stabbed in her southern Brisbane home, police think at the hands of her father.

Neighbour Nikolao Ropati's gripping account of the tragic afternoon in Parkinson came as a member of a local church said the 53-year-old man seemed "distressed" when he dropped him home on Sunday.

Both men gathered with more than 200 locals on Thursday night for a candlelight vigil in the Watheroo Place park opposite the home where Ms Cao lived with her husband, Tenglong Xu, and their two-month-old daughter.

Most of them didn't know the family but they mourned for little Queenie Xu, who died in hospital on Wednesday night after police found her lying in her bassinet with multiple stab wounds.

Mr Ropati was one of those gathered who knew Ms Cao, describing her as a "lovely lady" who he saw in the park every day. Many other's came out of a sense of community.

His was the Mapelton Circuit home she ran to for help after it's suspected her father stabbed her mother and baby.

"I heard the lady scream and saying 'help, help'," he said.

"And then I turn around on my left side, because that side on my walkway… and then I saw the woman covered with blood.

"I grab the hand and I say 'what's happened?' and she didn't tell me what's happened.

"The only thing she told me, 'he came with the knife'."

Mr Ropati said he saw Ms Cao's father come towards his house with an "aggressive" look on his face and told him to go away.

Police handcuffed the blood-soaked man in his driveway a few minutes later after neighbours saw him appearing dazed as he wandered along the street.

New Hope Community Church member Dean Tian was shocked when he confirmed the worst on Thursday morning.

He'd seen the home on the news the night before and thought it was the place where he dropped Ms Cao's mother, father and daughter home on Sunday but it wasn't until daylight he knew.

Mr Tian, who only met the family for the first time that afternoon, had been meaning to return the dummy little baby Queenie had dropped on the car ride home in the rain.

The property manager by trade said Ms Cao's parents couldn't speak English and appeared to be having a hard time dealing with the cultural shock.

"He looked like he had a very big burden in his heart," he said.

"He told me after talk with the pastor in the church he feel much, much better."

The church's non-Mandarin-speaking pastor, Robert Chua, said the grandfather didn't seem distressed in the two minutes he spoke with him.

He described the man and his wife as "very normal, very loving".

"He was carrying the little baby and smiling and walking around so it was a real shock to us to see this happen," he said.

Mr Chua, who briefly led the crowd in prayer before dozens laid candles and floral tributes, said he hoped to visit the family in hospital on Friday.

Parkinson Ward Councillor Angela Owen-Taylor, who helped organise the vigil at the request of residents, said it was important everyone could grieve in their own way.

"It's turned into such a beautiful display of genuine community support for the family and caring for each other," she said.

Earlier in the day, Detective Inspector Tony Duncan said police hadn't established who attacked whom but "the information that we have indicates that the … grandfather may be responsible."

"Obviously the type of incident you would suspect that there was some was some sort of issues relating to mental health," he said.

"But to date we are just trying to identify what the cause is or the motivation was for this offence and at this time we really haven't established what the motivation is."

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