Artist Patricia Piccinini with her work Skywhale.

Artist Patricia Piccinini with her work Skywhale. Photo: Jeffrey Chan

The controversial Skywhale will grace the skies of Brisbane.

A 34 metre long and 23 metre high, 10-breasted hot air balloon is set to visit Brisbane as part of the Australia Performing Arts Market.

The half tonne balloon will be inflated on Wednesday morning, weather permitting, and be tethered to Brisbane's Powerhouse theatre until Friday.

Internationally renowned artist Patricia Piccinini created Skywhale last year to commemorate the 100th birthday of Canberra.

Since then it has visited Hobart, Launceston and Melbourne.

The creation is not without its detractors and stirred controversy when it first debuted in Canberra, with some taken aback by its appearance.

It took 16 people seven months to create and can carry a pilot plus two passengers to an altitude of 3000 feet.