Vendetta behind Queensland police officer's CCTV footage leak: Crown

Gold Coast policeman Rick Flori knew he had the opportunity to undermine a rival by releasing CCTV footage of a violent arrest, the prosecutor has stressed in his misconduct trial.

Former Sergeant Flori is standing trial in the Southport District Court for releasing the footage showing handcuffed man Noa Begic being kneed and beaten by officers in 2012.

The 47-year-old has pleaded not guilty to the charge of misconduct with the intent to dishonestly cause detriment to Senior Sergeant David Joachim, who gained a promotion for which Flori was overlooked in 2011.

On Monday, crown prosecutor Todd Fuller used his closing address to argue Flori's continued references to Senior Sergeant Joachim showed his intention.

Mr Fuller says Flori released the footage once he realised it had the potential to end the career of Senior Sergeant Joachim.

He said emails about the footage to a journalist from an account linked to Flori only mentioned Senior Sergeant Joachim, not Senior Constable Ben Lamb, who the court heard was the officer who struck the man.


"The email doesn't even mention Constable Lamb," Mr Fuller said.

"His attack is on David Joachim. Rank. Name. Position."

Mr Fuller said Flori also repeatedly suggested he'd been told Senior Sergeant Joachim would be sacked for his role in the incident when being interviewed by investigators over his role in the leaking of the footage.

"Is it just a coincidence the footage involves David Joachim? Just a coincidence he acquires the footage on the last part of his last shift before a holiday? Just a coincidence he releases it the next day to the press?" Mr Fuller said.

The trial has been narrowed down to an argument behind the motivation of Flori's decision to leak the footage after Judge David Kent ruled on Monday he had no case to answer on a charge of misconduct with the intent to dishonestly cause detriment to then police commissioner Bob Atkinson.

Judge Kent upheld a no case submission by defence barrister Saul Holt that the charge was too broad and there had been no evidence of actual detriment or the intent to cause detriment towards Mr Atkinson.

In his closing address, Mr Holt said to suggest his client was motivated by a vendetta was an "extraordinary hurdle" for the prosecution to clear.

"It has come nowhere near it," Mr Holt said.

"Mr Flori's intention was to expose obvious illegal content."

Mr Holt said the explanations given during the trial for the bashing of the prisoner were "bizarre, ridiculous, to obviously false" and it was "astonishing" his client was the only person involved in the incident to be criminally charged.

The trial continues.