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What happens after 'Best Job in the World' ends?

You score the "best job in the world'' with a six figure pay packet to go with it but the only catch is it is a non-renewable six-month contract. So what do you do next?

If you are Ben Southall, you move to Brisbane and get married.

Three years ago, Mr Southall beat out 35,000 hopefuls to score Tourism Queensland's "Best Job in the World" – a six-month stint on Hamilton Island as a caretaker who blogs about his experiences on the Great Barrier Reef and takes home $150,000 for those efforts.

The campaign went viral and Mr Southall even found himself being interviewed by Oprah in the wake of winning the job. His blogs detailed jet-skiing, scuba diving and even a jellyfish sting but what happened when his contract was up?

Well, he and his girlfriend Breanna Watkins broke up and he landed a position with Tourism Queensland as an ambassador for the entire state.

Today he lives in Brisbane and is preparing to marry his new partner Sophee McPhee in November.


"Looking back on the past three years, I didn't expect to stay out here. I've always travelled and had wanderlust. This is the longest time I've stayed in one place," he told the Daily Mail.

"Four years ago, I was travelling around Africa in a Land Rover.

"Now I live in Brisbane which is a city, not a very big city but I'd never done city living before."

Mr Southall is planning to marry on Hamilton Island then head to Asia afterwards for another adventure.

He told the Daily Mail that his life would have been completely different if he had not landed the "Best Job in the World".

"The job has allowed me to have adventures and keep exploring, write about it and learn new skills like filming, editing, presenting, public speaking and TV work," he said.