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Roy Masters

Roy Masters is a Sports Columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald

AOC president John Coates conducted the independent review.

Constitutional reform could change the face of ARLC board

Recommendations by AOC president John Coates for a review of the Australian Rugby League Commission constitution have met with broad acceptance by stakeholders, opening up the possibility of a future board of directors with rugby league experience nominated by the states and the 16 NRL clubs.

Max Donnelly, the Eels' interim controller, is believed to hold strong views that neither the NRL clubs, nor state ...

Blazer mentality lives on in rugby league

In most professional sports, tailored suits with delicately woven club motifs have replaced those old striped jackets with wired pocket insignia but the blazer mentality lives on in rugby league.

Former referee: Peter Betros.

Betros gets nod as ARLC contender

The first of the official non independents seeking a position on the ARLC was decided on Thursday when the QRL board met and agreed president Peter Betros, a former referee, would be the state's representative.

Graeme Samuel was one of the 63,300 Medibank policyholders to switch to another insurer last year.

ARLC commissioners resign from eight-man panel

Disappointed at the direction the ARLC has taken in the past 18 months, particularly the recent surrender by chairman John Grant to NRL clubs over funding, two of Australia's most prominent businessmen have resigned as commissioners.