Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster is the Chief Sports Writer of The Sydney Morning Herald

Why Jarryd Hayne is heading to the NFL: 'I can be as good as they are'

Andrew Webster When Jarryd Hayne flew to the US in September for a tour of Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawks and college powerhouse Washington State, he hadn't made the decision that has knocked rugby league...

'I'm happy now, because I can see the end': South Sydney Rabbitoh Ben Te'o preparing for grand finale

Raging Rabbitoh: Ben Te'o will be playing his final match on Sunday.

Andrew Webster Only those close to Te'o truly understand what last year cost him.

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Title would be Russell Crowe's greatest performance

Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster Rugby league sometimes takes for granted that it has an actor of Marlon Brando's calibre owning its proudest and most storied footy club.

South Sydney's surge towards a premiership is a great reminder the game belongs to the people

Greg Inglis

Andrew Webster A lot of history will be rewritten this week. South Sydney people, though, have long memories.

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South Sydney Rabbitohs seal place in grand final, 43 years in the making

Once more with feeling: Chris McQueen shows Greg Inglis the love.

Andrew Webster The Forty-three. They don’t talk about it at training at Redfern. They didn’t talk about it before Friday night’s game at ANZ Stadium.

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Penrith captain Jamie Soward: The heart of a Panther

Energizer bunny: Jamie Soward.

Andrew Webster You won't find a quote from Jamie Soward in this story until the end. He's said so much about himself this season, there's not much more he can say.

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The NRL is a mess - Head of football Todd Greenberg needs to do his job and fix it

Andrew Webster dinkus Dinkus

Andrew Webster Greenberg hasn't brought clarity to the game. The game is a mess. The game is a conflagration of edicts, clampdowns, new rules and policy on the run.

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Des Hasler really is a mad scientist


Andrew Webster I love Des Hasler stories, even if Des Hasler won't talk to me. Even if he won't let me talk to anyone about Des Hasler.

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Sonny Bill Williams is frustrated at his Sydney Roosters teammates, so watch out Cowboys


Andrew Webster It’s time for Sonny Bill Williams to fire up. So to speak.

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Why this is the year for the South Sydney Rabbitohs

Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster It's now or never for South Sydney, but what few realise is how it could have been a season of nothing at all.

Trent Robinson is keeping the Sydney Roosters honest

Man of few words: Trent Robinson.

Andrew Webster We don't lie down. That's not an edict at the Roosters but a philosophy, and that’s where Trent Robinson is different from the rest.

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Manly Sea Eagles should make the tough calls and start again

Andrew Webster dinkus Dinkus

Andrew Webster "We built this club." I've heard of this remark, from a senior Manly player to a club official, a few times throughout the season.

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Nick Politis and Phil Gould put friendship before football

Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster Phil Gould lost one of the first games he coached at the Roosters. In the wash-up, Nick Politis asked him what he thought about the performance of his team.

Much ado about nothing proves league has lost the plot

Andrew Webster dinkus Dinkus

Andrew Webster What's worse: a player with a broken ankle from a wrestling move or Michael Ennis trying to slow the play down with some niggle and a whinge to the referee?

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Manly Sea Eagles not divided, says Daly Cherry-Evans

Cherry blossoms: Daly Cherry-Evans is one of the best halfbacks in the game.

Andrew Webster Whether it is unfair or not, the unmistakable fact is that Cherry-Evans has been demonised as the individual pulling the Sea Eagles apart.

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Video referees are strangling the life out of the game, and it's time to get rid of them

Andrew Webster dinkus Dinkus

Andrew Webster Rugby league, you have a problem. You need to abolish the video referee.

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Blackest day for NRL and AFL keeps taking dark turns

Andrew Webster dinkus Dinkus

Andrew Webster The blackest day in Australian sport … when was that again?

NRL needs to get a grip on scourge of wrestling as South Sydney push the limits

Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster "Make me spew". These are the words Michael Maguire has been known to tell members of his coaching staff from time to time.

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Price of deal for players caught up in Cronulla Sharks' supplements scandal is reputation

Andrew Webster dinkus Dinkus

Andrew Webster The offer on the table appears too good to be true: a backdated one-year ban, which means you miss precious little footy and some of the pre-season sandhills?

Cronulla Sharks might be relieved at light doping bans but there are bigger fish to fry

Andrew Webster

Andrew Webster Cronulla players past and present will meet ASADA and NRL suits in Sydney on Wednesday.

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