Roy Masters

Roy Masters

Roy Masters is a Rugby League Columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald


ASADA saga raises many perplexing questions

Roy Masters To accept Cronulla players are guilty of taking performance-enhancing drugs, while Essendon players are innocent, we have to believe in two courses of events.


Rules are all about the interpretation

Fairfax Media writer

Roy Masters Some of the new rules being introduced into Rugby League are bound to cause controversy, as referees put their own spin on them.


NRL HQ not panicking despite doomsayers

Roy Masters The sun continues to shine, the journalists cut and paste their doomsday crowd and TV ratings stories, the Storm win their season opener for the tenth successive year but there is something different...


Contact sports need to unite on concussion, says IRB's top doctor

Roy Masters All contact sports in Australia, together with state and federal departments of health, should immediately convene to develop a common protocol on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of...

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Concussion debate is lacking science

Roy Masters After a particularly heavy Saturday night-Sunday drinking session by Western Suburbs players years ago, I decided it was time for a lecture on the dangers of alcohol.

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NRL on right track as AFL's efforts bomb

Roy Masters The John Grant-led Rugby League Commission appears determined to strike as big a difference as possible between its handling of the supplements crisis at Cronulla and the AFL's compromised,...


Shane Flanagan, Trent Elkin hadn't done their homework

Roy Masters When Cronulla coach Shane Flanagan and trainer Trent Elkin addressed the Sharks' first-grade team on Sunday, March 20, 2011, at the last training session before a round-two Monday night match...

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Side effects: plans thrown into chaos by Manly defeat

Roy Masters dinkus

Roy Masters Never underestimate the importance of two factors at this time of year: firstly, the value of an extra 24 hours preparation for a match and secondly, the left-right mindset of players.

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Grant defends crackdown on shoulder charge on finals eve

Roy Masters ARL Commission chairman John Grant has defended the decision to take tougher action on the eve of the finals against tacklers whose shoulder makes contact with the head of an opponent as Cronulla's...

Getting a tough break in age-old code debate

Roy Masters 'I THINK we've got the crowd,'' former federal treasurer Peter Costello said before the annual AFL finals debate yesterday morning at the MCG.

Roy Masters

Sizing up the shoulder charge ban raises challenge to the data

Roy Masters THE International Rugby Board's chief medical officer, Dr Martin Raftery, while endorsing the Australian Rugby League Commission's ban on the shoulder charge, disputes most of the data used to...

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Boss skilled in bomb defusing

Dave Smith

Roy Masters Challenges facing the ARLC chief are less life-threatening than others he has met.

Roy Masters

Fine line between danger and putting head on the block

Roy Masters dinkus

Roy Masters When Tom Raudonikis coached Wests in the mid-1990s, he discovered a novel way of motivating his team.

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