Suspended ... Josh Dugan, front, and Blake Furgeson.

Suspended ... Josh Dugan, front, and Blake Furgeson. Photo: Instagram

Just over a year ago, the Raiders fought so hard to keep Josh Dugan in Canberra.

Come today, there's not many who would stand in his way if he chose to walk out. That's if he's not given his marching orders first.

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Dugan's crime here was not hitting the tiles of a Nicholls rooftop and drinking alcopops while injured, causing enough of a ruckus to draw complaints from neighbours to police.

But by photographing it, then posting it on Twitter, with his middle-finger extended, Dugan has basically said up yours to all of us.

Stuff you, to his Raiders teammates who turned up for the recovery session on Monday afternoon while Dugan and Ferguson were enjoying a session of a different kind.

Stuff you too, to the club and sponsors who sourced third-party deals last year to provide the Canberra-product a $650,000 a year contract, making him the club's highest-paid player.

And, yep, stuff you too Canberra Raiders fans.

Both Dugan and Ferguson potentially face the sack for their repeated misbehaviour. They have been threatened with 'final' warnings before.

There was speculation on Tuesday that Dugan was already hatching his own escape plan, one NRL club in Sydney claiming on Tuesday it had been asked if it might be interested in the one-time Origin fullback.

Suddenly, people are asking whether Dugan's bender was an act of sheer stupidity and lack of respect, or just one of self-sabotage.

Somewhat to his credit, at least Ferguson fronted up on Tuesday to endure a video review of Canberra's woeful performance against Penrith. He completed a weights session with teammates too.

Dugan didn't show. Didn't even call to explain why.

As has become his way, he posted a hollow apology on Twitter – sceptics have questioned if he even wrote it.

This is where club insiders say Ferguson and Dugan differ. Both are prone to off-field misdemeanors, but teammates are more convinced that Ferguson is at least putting in for the team at training and on the field.

At times last year when Reece Robinson was performing so well as a replacement for the injured Dugan, teammates would tease him that maybe he'd have to come back via the wing or NSW Cup.

Dugan would respond by saying he'd get his manager on the phone and find another club. Teammates didn't laugh at the joke.

Something needs to be done if the club's culture is not to be completely corrupted.

Witnesses reported that on Sunday night, 20-year-old star-in-the-making Jack Wighton was seen out drinking at a Canberra bar with Ferguson and Dugan too. Nothing wrong with that at all, there's no suggestion Wighton or any other Raiders player was doing anything wrong at the time.

But the Raiders do have a young squad, dare I say it an impressionable squad. Young players learn from example.

If there are personal problems, as Dugan has hinted, you lose that privacy when you post it on Twitter.

Dugan has so much promise as a player, but is finding it hard to keep his promises.

After being stood down for a match last year for alcohol, Dugan said he'd matured.

After announcing he was expecting his first child in July this year, Dugan said it would be his motivation for the 2013 season.

But after a heavy defeat like the Raiders suffered against the Panthers, motivated people would hit the training paddock, not the bottle.