Uncertain future: Iconic Leichhardt Oval.

Uncertain future: Iconic Leichhardt Oval. Photo: Getty Images

1. Is this the end of the Balmain Tigers?

Not just yet, as the club still has licensed premises at Five Dock and Sydney Markets, plus a large and influential supporter base who will fight to save the 107-year-old club. It has also emerged that Balmain may have a private benefactor willing to provide the club a letter of credit. However, unless the leagues club at Rozelle is redeveloped, the long-term future is in jeopardy.

2. Is this the end of the Wests Tigers?

No. Balmain have been unable to pay their share of the bills for the joint venture for some time, prompting last year's $4 million bailout by the NRL and the restructuring of the board to end faction fighting between Balmain and Wests directors. Under the changes, three independent directors hold the balance of power, with Balmain and Wests each having two representatives on the board. It is hoped the club can be self-sufficient.

3. Will Wests Tigers become Wests Magpies?

No. Both Balmain and Western Suburbs have their share of supporters but after 15 years as a joint venture, there are a generation of fans who relate only to Wests Tigers. To change the club's name and logo would risk alienating Balmain and Wests Tigers supporters.

4. Will Balmain continue to have a say in the running of the Wests Tigers?

If the Balmain side of the joint venture cannot repay $4 million in debts over the next two years, their delegates may be removed from the Wests Tigers board. However, until then, the status quo is likely to remain and eventually Wests Tigers may be run by an independent board.

5. Will Wests Tigers continue to play at Leichhardt Oval?

Without a major upgrade, it is doubtful the Tigers will be able to play at Leichhardt for much longer and the NSW government has effectively ruled out future funding grants for suburban stadiums. Over the years, the Tigers have gradually reduced the number of matches at Leichhardt and Campbelltown from six to three and the NRL's stadium strategy is likely to see them play more games at bigger venues.