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Mitchell Pearce in Kings Cross: Woman in yellow dress identifies herself

A woman has identified herself as the one who made the initial complaint to police about the early morning behaviour of Roosters' halfback Mitchell Pearce at a Kings Cross nightclub.

Girl in the yellow dress revealed

The woman who complained to police about a nightclub incident involving NRL player Mitchell Pearce, has identified herself on social media.

Melissa Arroja made a series posts on her Facebook and Instragram accounts on Monday night relating to the incident and just hours after she is believed to have contacted police and informed them she did not want to make a formal complaint about the 25-year-old halfback

On Facebook on Tuesday morning, Ms Arroja posted the Herald article about Pearce's Origin future being in doubt with a comment: "Who would have thought a Sat night at Beach Haus in the cross wearing a yellow dress would cause such a drama!! Never thought I would make headlines WTF".

On her Instragram account she posted a picture in the same outfit that is depicted in the security footage from inside the nightclub on Sunday morning with the comment #girlintheyellowdress underneath.

Fairfax Media has been told Ms Arroja, who goes by the name melzbubblebutt on Instagram, contacted police on Monday night saying she wanted to "put the matter behind her" and would not be making a formal complaint.

Police on Tuesday morning said that they had now concluded their investigation into the alleged incident as no formal complaint had been received.

"No further police action will be taken regarding the incident," a police statement said.

Melissa Arroja responds to the story on Facebook.
Melissa Arroja responds to the story on Facebook. Photo: SMH

Pearce had already been issued with an infringement notice by police for failing to leave the club when asked. He was also banned from the Kings Cross area for 48 hours.

The decision not to make a formal complaint came hours after footage obtained by Channel Nine was aired on Monday night’s news bulletin showing the woman had become agitated when Pearce moved toward her from his seat at the club as she walked past him at about 1.30am on Sunday.

Melissa Arroja: Woman in the yellow dress.
Melissa Arroja: Woman in the yellow dress. Photo: Supplied

The woman, who was wearing that bright yellow dress with a split up the side, then approached uniformed police who were in the venue at the time and pointed out Pearce to them. He was then asked to leave but allegedly refused and was handcuffed by police before being escorted from the establishment in Kellett Street.

It is alleged that Pearce began laughing before he was thrown out.

Arroja will not be pressing charges against Mitchell Pearce.
Arroja will not be pressing charges against Mitchell Pearce. Photo: Supplied

Pearce’s legal representatives responded to the video footage with the following statement: ‘‘There has been speculation and innuendo in the media that creates an impression that our client had an inappropriate interaction with a female patron at a nightclub over the weekend. That speculation is false’’.

Ms Arroja has since deleted her Facebook page and made her Instagram private.